A completed Personal Services Contract Worksheet (PSCW) needs to be done 5 weeks BEFORE the scheduled event date.

Step 1:

  • When procuring a personal service for an event, please complete the Personal Contract Worksheet (PSCW) and submit it to aabc.contracts@oregonstate.edu
  • Departments must submit all contracts to aabc.contracts@oregonstate.edu. This includes anything with terms and conditions.
  • Submit all budget authority approvals when submitting the PSCW or vendor contract to the business center.
    • Note: this can be done with a Purchase Request or by email directly from the budget authorities.
  • Types of contracts include but are not limited to the following:
    • Personal Service Contracts
    • Rental Agreements
    • Facility Use Agreements
    • Click-through Agreements

Step 2:

  • AABC-SEC receives email notification from department
  • The contract is assigned for drafting/review at the AABC-SEC
  • Department is notified that the PSCW or contract is received.

Step: 3:

  • AABC-SEC drafts contract

Step 4:

  • AABC-SEC routes for all signatures
    • Vendor
    • Department head
    • PACS
  • AABC-SEC initiates vendor maintenance work flow.

Step 5:

  • AABC-SEC sends fully executed contract to vendor and initial submitter
  • AABC-SEC processes payment

Contract workflow process