The AABC-SEC Finance and Accounting team serves all student incidental fee funded units and their respective budgeting boards, providing financial information, guidance and support during the budgeting process. Budgets are submitted annually through the Student Incidental Fee Committee (SIFC) process. The fiscal year for Oregon State University (OSU) is July 1 – June 30 with budget preparation and submission for incidental fee funded units occurring from October – February during the prior year. Under the direction of the SIFC, the AABC-SEC Finance and Accounting team provides financial management and budgetary oversight for incidental fee funded units.

Services Provided by the AABC-SEC Finance and Accounting Team:

  • Current and prior budget reports
  • Revenue / expense reports
  • Financial forecasting
  • Variance reports / analysis & trend analysis
  • Monthly dashboard reports
  • Full time equivalent (FTE) analysis
  • Salary & other payroll expense (OPE) reports / projections
  • Fund / Index / Activity code set-up


For all financial reports and summaries requests, please contact your AABC-SEC representative found at our contact page.