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I continue to be overwhelmingly impressed by the vision, the implementation, the capabilities and the responsiveness of you and your team, and thankful that OSU made such a great decision to support CORE.
Melora Park, College of Forestry Research Office
New systems to help us better integrate knowledge are necessary, and I’m glad to help lead the way and bring others with me.
Iset Todayah Sevilla-Bazan, AMBC and a recognized CORE Superuser
FIN1900 is working like a charm. I particularly like the drill down capability with NOLIJ. You guys are the best! Thank you for taking such good care of us.
Laura Tilley, School of Arts and Communication - Music
Congratulations to the team winning the Hackathon! I really appreciate the ability of CORE to give widespread access to needed information.
C.J. Clevinger, Public Health and Human Sciences

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