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What is CORE?

CORE = Cooperative Open Reporting Environment.

The CORE initiative, launched in May 2013, is a new way of working at Oregon State University; the development of a university-wide reporting environment that supports the OSU strategic plan and operations.  The Business Intelligence Center (BIC) Team is responsible for CORE and ensuring the university community has access to consistent and timely data for analysis and reporting.

CORE is a web based interface from which users access the CORE Library of Reports. CORE is built on an open data architecture design concept, allowing access to data across traditional data silos. The CORE data warehouse is the primary data source used in development of reports. CORE data warehouse normalizes views of multiple OSU data sources including Banner and the Operational Data Store (ODS), Institutional Research (IR) data warehouse, and other sources of record and sources of differentiation.

CORE uReports are designed to be a single source access point for OSU data and information. The report data is exportable to Excel and CSV for further analysis if desired.

How often does the data refresh in ODS and CORE date warehouse?

Most of the information in ODS and the CORE data warehouse refreshes nightly.  If you have a need for a real time report, you will need to use Appworx.

How do I get access to CORE? 

Access is granted based on your position classification or job profile, as determined by the appropriate Data Steward. Access levels may incorporate overrides for certain Banner security classes.  If your supervisor determines a need for you to have access beyond your default security level, contact the BIC Team for assistance.

Does CORE replace Appworx?

No.  CORE reports replace the standard administrative reports found in BI Query. Both the uReport and the CORE data warehouse pull data from ODS, the data is not real-time but refreshed nightly. For real time data, it is necessary to access Appworx, which pulls data directly from Banner tables.

BI Query/Data Warehouse FAQ's

Is BI Query/Data Warehouse going away?

The BI Query reporting tool has not been supported by Enterprise Computing Services for a number of years. The system is antiquated on multiple levels and no longer meets the data access and reporting needs of Oregon State University. Nightly the Human Resources, Student and financial aid data is refreshing and will continue to do so until either the data source access is terminated or the system fails. BI Query and the applicable data domains will remain operational for one year following the linkage of the CORE data warehouse domain (HR, financial aid, student) to Jaspersoft. NOTE: The BI Query Finance data warehouse was decommissioned on December 31, 2016.

I have been using BI Query, will I receive automatic access to Jaspersoft?

Automatic access to the data analytics tool is not granted for BI Query users.  Access to Jaspersoft is provided on an "as needed basis" and requires approval from the applicable  Data Steward.  Interested users are required to submit a Request for Access form and attend a three-hour Jaspersoft training (90 minutes, 2 dates) before receiving access to the system. User requests for Jaspersoft access, must include a clearly defined business need and an explanation as to why CORE does not meet current reporting needs.

Are my current queries and reports compatible with Jaspersoft?

No, existing queries and reports are not compatible in Jaspersoft. The Operational Data Store (ODS), the new data warehouse supporting CORE, has a different data structure and naming style than the BI Query data warehouse.  The BIC Team has identified options for redesigning your current queries in Jaspersoft. In most cases however, there may be an existing report in CORE or the CORE Ad Hoc Lite feature may have the query parameters you used in BI Query. 

Data Analytics FAQ's - Coming Soon

In the meantime, see the Data Analytics Page for frequently asked questions about the sunset of BI Query.