Award Recipients

Congratulations to all F&A Award Winners!

A special mention goes to everyone who was nominated.  Efforts like yours lead to our ongoing success! Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate your deserving colleagues. 

F&A All Star Award Winners: 

2016: Helen Brittain, AMBC Fiscal Coordinator
2015: Ika Fifita, Parking Services
2014: Kevin Christman, Facilities Operations & Maintenance
2013: Itsue Pfund, AMBC & Bill Coslow, Facilities Services
2012: Lisa Silbernagel, Office of Post-Award Administration
2011: Chelle Boswell, AMBC Office Specialist
2010: Justin Fleming, Motor Pool/Business Services and Mac McGuire, Facilities Services
2009: Sue Hall, Business Affairs

 Community Building Award Winners: 

2016: Terese Keller, Environmental Health & Safety
2015: Dwight Brimley, AMBC
2014: Jeff Wiseman, AMBC-Newport
2013: Carol Thurber, AABC
2012: Gabrielle Thompson, AMBC
2011: Van Hunsaker

Customer Service Award Winners: 

2016: Ryan Winklepleck, Specialized Administrative Services
2015: April Cummings, AMBC
2014: Jeff Merth, Budget & Fiscal Planning
2013: Jerie Thorson, Business Affairs
2012: Jennifer Short, Office of Human Resources
2011: Janice Lee-Virnig, Business Affairs

Innovation Award Winners: 

2016: Marie Dobie and Marcia Ward, AABC Human Resources
2015: Tammy Hubert, AABC
2014: Mark Wieglenda, Facilities Operations & Maintenance
2013: Michael Hansen, Budget & Fiscal Planning
2012: Brad Dennis, AABC

Leadership/Mentor Award Winners: 

2016: Lori Fulton, Capital Planning & Development (Leadership Winner)
2016: Chris Holdridge, AMBC Accountant (Mentor Winner)
2015: JoAnne Scheler, AMBC
2014: Andrea Norris, Purchasing, Contracts & Materials Management-Recycling Services
2013: Alex Sims, Business Affairs
2012: Joel Colvin, ASBC
2011: Steve Hoelscher, AABC Finance & Accounting Manager
2010: Henry Alaman, Facilities Services

Teamwork Award Winners: 

2016: Stephanie Smith, Business Affairs
2015: Curtis Flynn, AMBC
2014: Vendor Setup Team (Holly Holloway, Mary Page, Alex Sims, Jonathon Spencer), Business Affairs
2013: Sara Child-Rodgers, AMBC
2012: Valerie Cooley, Business Affairs
2011: Maya Perez, Conference Manager
2010: Linda Bork, HRIS Team/Office of Human Resources
2009: Leigh Larkin, Office of Human Resources

Outstanding Student Award Winner: 

2016: Jason Lemieux, BEBC Student Accounting
2015: Trey Davenhill, AMBC
2014: Kyle Reed, Business Affairs & Silia Sequiera, Capital Planning & Development
2013: Morgan Cameron, AABC
2012: Lindsey Almarode, Business Services
2011: Anthony Newbold
2010: Lindsey Green, Business Affairs/Payroll
2009: Ken Westfall, Training & Professional Development/Office of Human Resources

Leaning Forward Individual Award

2016: Lisa Silbernagel, HSBC
2015: Lori Wolcott, AABC

Leaning Forward Team Award

2016: Integrated Construction Planning Task Force (Anita Azarenko, Brooke Davison, John Gremmels, Kelly Kozisek, Debera Massahos, Nicole Neuschwander, Libby Ramirez, Nicole Real)

2016: Fiscal Policy Process (Mark Fryman, Charlotte Rooks, Lissa Perrone, Karen Meador, Cindy Alexis, Betty Nielsen, Lisa Silbernagel, Tiffany Gillis, Dwight Brimley, Mark Johnson)

2015: New Employee Onboarding Lean Team (David Barnes, Joey Carson, Donna Chastain, Kim Cholewinski, Jennifer Creighton, Mike Dooley, Tammy Hubert, Luke McIlvenny, Cindy Meyers, Kay Miller, Tracy O'Brien, Jenna Reeves, Christina Schaaf, Lori Wolcott)