The following are resources that colleges, departments and Business Centers may find helpful in their procurement and contracting needs.

Reference Materials

Find reference materials such as Procurement and Contract Services Essentials, policies, procedures, and information regarding insurance.


Check here for the latest training materials and upcoming training opportunities.


Review ethical standards that OSU employees must maintain to encompass the highest standards of honesty, integrity, impartiality and professionalism in conducting business on behalf of Oregon State University.

Business Center Resources

Projects and Solicitations

Information for Vendors

Reference Materials

The publications on this page will be made available in an accessible format upon request. Please email us using our Contact Form or call 541-737-4261. 

  • Procurement and Contract Services Essentials Guide
    This is a handy reference guide to successful contracting and procurement at OSU. This guide covers a little bit of everything from personal services contracts to issuing a formal procurement Invitation to Bid. You may also view the Quick Reference Guide for guidelines on Goods and Services Purchasing and Personal Services Contracts.
  • Business Credit Memo
    This is a one page listing that includes pertinent information requested on most credit applications. Please contact Procurement if you need a copy of this.
  • Oregon State University (OSU) Tax Exempt Status
    OSU exists pursuant to state law and is governed by the Oregon State University Board of Trustees. OSU, as a state institution, generally is not subject to taxation under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (Code). The OSU tax exemption flows from Code §115 and the rule that federal tax provisions do not apply to integral units of state government, unless the Code expressly makes the provisions applicable to state governments. Please note that the policy does not address sales tax. Sales Tax exemption varies by state, but it is always a good idea to attempt to negotiate a waiver of the sales tax on orders placed to out of state vendors. Just be aware that depending on the state’s nonresident sales tax policy, OSU may be required to pay sales tax. You may contact Procurement and Contracts for assistance with sales tax charges over $250 per transaction, but there is no guarantee the sales tax can be waived.
  • Division 62
    Personal or Professional Services Contracts 580-062
  • Current OSU W-9 Form
    Please contact your Business Center, our general email address or Business Affairs Accounting to request the current copy of the OSU W-9 form.
  • Certificates of Insurance
    When asked for a Certificate of Insurance (COI) you can offer the Certificate of Insurance Letter as a substitute. If a department or vendor requires a Certificate of Insurance for a contract or agreement that Procurement and Contract Services has processed for you, please work directly with Risk Management in obtaining the COI. Please allow 4-5 business days for the COI process. More information about Certificates of Insurance can be found on the Risk Management site.


Current Training Materials

(Please Note: Training Materials created before June 2013 may have outdated purchasing threshold amounts)

  • Procurement - We Are Not Vogons

    Launch into the wide galaxy of procurement! Discover the services that OSU Procurement provides and how to most effectively use them to get positive results. Examples will show how we can help you navigate through the procurement cosmos to successfully reach your destination. View the slideshow or download the PDF of the presentation from Training Days 2013.

  • Banner Purchase Order (PO) Approvals

    This training video guides staff in how to utilize Banner PO Approval access in Banner. Important procurement thresholds and Banner PO Approver responsibilities are outlined. Review of this video is necessary in order to gain Banner PO Approval access in Banner FIS.

  • Azumano Campus Outreach Video

    OSU Procurement and Contract Services invited Azumano Travel, a contracted OSU travel provider, to facilitate a campus-wide travel outreach. This video provides you an opportunity to listen in and view the slide set that was presented on August 20, 2013. This outreach provided attendees the opportunity to meet the Azumano Travel staff, familiarize themselves with Azumano Travel and their value proposition, learn about Azumano Travel’s reach within state-wide systems and contracts and provided an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

  • Should I Separate This? A Lesson in Fragmentation

    Watch this 9 minute video to learn about fragmentation as it pertains to managing purchasing and payments. Fragmentation is a prohibited practice by Oregon Administrative Rules and this informative video reviews the importance of managing purchases in a manner that avoids fragmentation. The video goes over the definition of fragmentation, applicable dollar thresholds and rules, and provides a few examples. It also reviews why it’s important not to fragment and how fragmentation is managed if it is detected.

  • Compliance with OSU (previously OUS) Code of Ethics

    This almost 3 minute video is an excerpt from the 2012 Training Days Presentation “Should I or Shouldn’t I? – An Education in Ethics.”  It focuses on how OSU employees involved in procurements or initiating contracts should review the OSU Code of Ethics and indicate their compliance on an annual basis.

  • Accepting Gifts

    This excerpt from the 2012 Training Days Presentation “Should I or Shouldn’t I? – An Education in Ethics” reviews the OSU employee’s responsibilities in considering the acceptance of gifts for personal use. This video focuses on the policies pertaining to the restrictions in accepting gifts and goes over a few examples in what may or may not be permissible.

2012 Training Days Presentations

  • Should I or Shouldn't I? - An Education in Ethics

    This session explored the world of ethics and conflicts of interest as they apply to public officials, OSU researchers, purchasing and contracting. Representatives from the offices of Procurement and Contracting, Post-Award, and Research Integrity briefly reviewed state and federal regulations and institutional policies on conflicts of interest. They also took a look at a few real-life ethics issues that have surfaced over the years.

  • Essential Contracting

    This session was sponsored by the Contract Services section of Procurement and Contract Services and the following questions were discussed:

    • What types of agreements should be sent to Procurement and Contract Services?
    • How are agreements processed byProcurement and Contract Services?
    • What needs to be included in an agreement?
    • How does Procurement and Contract Services review agreements, including common issues and concerns in agreement formation?
    • What should departments and department faculty keep in mind when drafting agreements or scopes of work?

2011 Training Days Presentations

  • Personal Services Contracts and Independent Contractor Determination

    Learn more about personal services vs. trade services, the importance of a clearly articulated Scope of Work, and the process to develop and execute a Personal Services Contract. You will also learn about the importance of making an accurate independent contractor determination.

  • Purchasing Goods & Services

    (Please note that this document contains historical threshold amounts that were updated in June 2013)
    This presentation focuses on the many considerations when purchasing goods and services. The following are key areas outlined in the presentation:

    • Purchasing & Contracting Ethics
    • Delegated Purchasing Authority
    • BOLI Prevailing Wage Rates
    • Types of Solicitations
    • Buy Orange
    • Contract Signature Authority
    • Type of Contracts Procurement and Contract Services Manages
    • Procurement and Contract Services Resources

Independent Contractor or Employee Panel Discussion

Other Training Options

  • Training Days

    Training Days is a focused set of learning and workshop sessions providing information and insight to Faculty and Staff interacting together in our daily work at OSU. For more information visit OSU Training Days.

  • Department One-on-One Training

    If you or staff within your department are interested in focused training by the Procurement and Contract Services staff please don’t hesitate to contact us using our general email, our Contact Form or by calling us at 737-4261. We would be happy to visit with you about your training needs and schedule a time for procurement and/or contract training for your staff.


Employment at Oregon State University is a public trust. The ethical standards that an OSU employee must maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity, impartiality and professionalism in conducting business on behalf of the University. Employees responsible for maintaining the integrity of the competitive, procurement and contracting processes act as stewards of the University and taxpayers’ dollars so it is especially important that OSU employees avoid even the perception of a conflict of interest. OSU staff should familiarize themselves with the Purchasing and Contracting Ethics Policies and Procedures.

OSU is subject to the provisions in the Procurement and Contracting Code 580-061-0000 “Code of Ethics.” The Code of Ethics states that on an annual basis OSU employees in relation to OAR Chapter 580, Divisions 60, 61, 62, and 63 will sign a statement that the employee has reviewed and will comply with the OSU Code of Ethics. OSU provides an online tool so that employees responsible for procuring or contracting for goods and services may complete the necessary Ethics Statement which fulfills this OSU Standard.

The following are directions for utilizing the OSU Ethics form:

  1. Go to the Ethics Statement Login page
  2. You will be prompted to log in using your ONID ID
  3. After logging in, thoroughly read the Ethics Statement
  4. If you have any questions or think you may have a conflict of interest please contact the Chief Procurement Officer
  5. At the bottom of the Ethics Statement, be sure to fill out the CAPTCHA field then click on the “I agree” button to complete the process

Once submitted, the system sends an automated email receipt of completion to the employee with a copy to the OSU Chief Procurement Officer.

Declaration of Conflict or Potential Conflict of Interest

The procurement of goods and services at OSU must be free of the undue influence of outside interests. There may be situations in which financial or other personal considerations may compromise, or have the appearance of compromising, an employee's professional judgment in the execution of any part of the procurement or contracting process. Any conflicts or potential conflicts of interest regarding the procurement or contracting process must be reported to PaCS before making the procurement or executing the contract. Conflicts of Interests regarding the research integrity of a research project or proposal are managed through the Research Office process. Their decision on the conflict of interest relating to research integrity does not mitigate conflicts of interest in the procurement or contracting area.

Employees should promptly disclose any real or potential conflicts of interest by filling out the Disclosure of Real or Potential Conflict of Interest form and submitting to PaCS for review and advice on mitigating the conflict of interest.

For more information reference Policy and Procedure 104-001.

Additional Ethics Information

For additional information regarding ethics laws pertaining to public officials OSU staff are advised to review the Oregon Government Ethics Commissions' Guide to Ethics Laws for Public Officials and the Guide for Public Officials 2015 Supplement, which provides guidance on the provisions of the statute (ORS 244) pertaining to ethics and public officials.

The OSU Office of Research Integrity also provides guidance on ethics and conflict of interest as it pertains to research. For more information you can review the Office of Research Integrity Conflict of Interest.

To report known or suspected fraudulent acts or financial irregularities, please review the Fraud, Waste and Abuse Reporting Policy.

Business Center Resources

With the exception of purchases that would include requirements pertaining to Bureau of Labor and Industries Prevailing Wage Rates, purchases under $25,000 are within Business Center delegation. Business Centers manage purchases under $25,000 and issue purchase requests to Procurement and Contract Services.

The following links to documents, reference materials and related links that may be useful for Business Center Finance and Administration Staff. The publications on this page will be made available in an accessible format upon request. Please contact us using our Contact Form or call 541-737-4261.


Policies and Procedures Manual


Our Buy ORANGE section has information regarding goods and services available on OSU contract and other preferred vendors such as Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities.

Business Center Training Materials

Submitting Requests

We highly encourage submitting requests for purchases, contract reviews and general inquiries by emailing us using our general email address, utilizing our Contact Form or by calling 541-737-4261. Once received, projects are assigned to an analyst based on their availability, area of expertise, project complexity and current workload. This is the most expedient and efficient method for submitting purchase requests and contract reviews and will result in a more expedient review.

For information about the various types of purchases and competitive processes, refer to the How Do I Start? page.

Timelines for Procurement Processing

The Procurement Processing Timelines document provides an estimated timeline for managing most common procurements.

Checking the Status of Your Project

This feature of the website allows Business Center staff and the colleges and units they support the ability to search for their projects to check project status and download copies of contracts and Purchase Orders.

View Advertised Projects

Business Centers can view or direct vendors and potential bidders/proposers to advertised projects at the following location:

Projects & Solicitations

Colleges, departments and Business Centers can check the status of their project while Vendors and Contractors can view advertised procurement opportunities.

Check the Status of a Project

Use this search to check the status of contracts, such as Contract Services agreements, Personal and Professional Services Contracts (PSC) and procurement requests (for OSU employee use only).

Business and Bid Opportunities

Vendors and OSU employees can check here for OSU open and advertised procurements as well as bids from other state universities.

Check Status of Projects

Information for Vendors

PLEASE NOTE: Oregon State University's Corvallis campus is a smoke-free environment as of 9/1/12. For more information, please visit the Smoke-free OSU web site.

The publications on this page will be made available in an accessible format upon request. Please contact us using our Contact Form or call 541-737-4261.

Minority, Women Owned and Emerging Small Business (MWESB)

This page provides information on policies and programs related to minority, women, and emerging small businesses (MWESB) interested in doing business with Oregon State University. Please review our blog at MWESB at Oregon State University for additional information. If you have any questions, please contact our Adminstrative & Diversity Manager Christine Atwood.

Minority, Women and Emerging Small Businesses

OAR 580-061-0030 expands economic opportunities for Minority Business Enterprises, Women Business Enterprises and Emerging Small Businesses by offering them the contracting and subcontracting opportunities available through OSU contracts. Notices of all solicitations over $25,000 procured through a competitive process will be provided to the Advocate for Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business through the Oregon State University Bidding Opportunities website.

In accordance with OAR 580-061-0030 (2), OSU shall not knowingly contract with or procure goods and services from an Entity that discriminates on the basis of age, disability, national origin, race, marital status, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.

For procurements of goods and services, bidders and proposers must certify, as part of the bid or proposal documents accompanying the bid or proposal on a public contract, that such bidder or proposer has not discriminated against Minority, Women, or Emerging Small Business Enterprises in obtaining any required subcontracts.

Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business Certification

Qualifying Minority, Women and Emerging Small Businesses can obtain certification through the Oregon Office of Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business website for certification information.

MWESB Policy

Effective November 2011, the Oregon University System (OUS) implemented a MWESB policy. This policy requires effort by universities within OUS to extend business opportunities to MWESBs. OSU Procurement has updated the solicitation processes to incorporate the requirements of the policy.

It is the intent of Oregon State University to acquire the best product at the best price being cognizant of the need to encourage growth of Oregon firms including small businesses and women and minority owned businesses.  Thank you for your interest in doing business with Oregon State University!

MWESB Annual Report

Click here for the FY16 MWESB Annual Report

This report represents the joint effort of Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management (PCMM) and Capital Planning and Development (CPD) to provide information on the participation of Minority, Women-Owned and Emerging Small Businesses (MWESB) vendors in fiscal year 2016 at Oregon State University (OSU). MWESB participants include suppliers, construction contractors and professional service providers. PCMM and CPD continue to actively promote and engage the utilization of MWESB firms through a variety of outreach activities.

Terms and Conditions

Oregon State University issues Purchase Orders using standard or special terms and conditions. When using the standard terms and conditions, those are usually not attached, except by reference, to the physical Purchase Order. OSU uses four different sets of "standard" terms and conditions as appropriate. The three that apply to Procurement are:

If for any reason you are unable to view the referenced Standard Terms and Condition, please let our staff know and we will provide it to you accordingly. The publications on this page will be made available in an accessible format upon request. Please contact us using our Contact Form or call 541-737-4261.