Auxiliaries and Activities Business Center

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 The Auxiliaries & Activities Business Center (AABC) was created to help better serve the financial, accounting, human resources, and administrative needs of Oregon State University’s auxiliary and student fee-based units.  Those units are as follows (click department name for website):

Associated Students of OSU (ASOSU) Orange Media Network (OMN)
Capital Planning & Development (CPD) Printing & Mailing Services (PMS)
Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) Public Safety (PS)
Diversity & Cultural Engagement (DCE) Recreational Sports (DRS)
Enterprise Risk Services (ERS) Specialized Administrative Services (SAS)
Facilities Services (FS) Student Affairs (SA)
Family Resource Center (FRC) Student Health Services (SHS)
Human Services Resource Center (HSRC) Student Leadership & Involvement (SLI)
Intercollegiate Athletics (IA) Transportation Services (TS)
Memorial Union (MU) University Conference Services (UCS)
Memorial Union Retail Food Services (MURFS) University Housing & Dining Services (UHDS)
Office of Human Resources (HR) Auxiliaries & Activities Business Center (AABC)


AABC combines the administrative functions previously performed directly in these units with certain functions formerly performed by centralized OSU administrative offices (Accounts Payable, Human Resources, and Payroll). The goal of the AABC is to provide these business units and student organizations with an enhanced level of service and greater expertise in core administrative services.

On a daily basis, AABC employees work to uphold the five core values of AABC:

  • Providing quality customer service
  • Striving for operational excellence
  • Being employee focused
  • Championing ideas & innovation
  • Thinking and acting in a strategic and visionary manner

Human Resources

AABC HR Staff Photo

Back Row: Lori Schmidt, Zanna Morre, Tom Bachmann and Lori Wolcott

Middle Row: Mary Thompson, Mary Dobie, Catrina Larsen, Tammy Hubert and Davie Soomalelagi

Front Row: Marcia Ward, Shannon Kelly, Nita Phillips, Tricia Gerding and Miriam Wojtas

Prospective Employees

Faculty/Staff Resources

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Hot Topics


Our Mission: OSU Human Resources strives to create an institution where people thrive, partnerships prevail and performance excels by focusing on providing OSU with quality HR leadership, service and consultation.  We provide service, leadership and consultation in achieving an effective and high quality workforce at OSU.

Faculty / Staff Resources

Click the corresponding link below for OSU Faculty and Staff information and resources, specific to Classified and Unclassified Employees.


Resources for Classified Employees

Classified employees play a vital role in the success of all faculty, staff and students on campus.  Covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, classified employees are afforded the opportunities to excel in their chosen fields.  This webpage provides links to information and resources to those opportunities.

Resources for Unclassified Employees

Unclassified employees play a vital role in the success of all faculty, staff and students on the OSU campus.  This webpage provides links to information and resources to those opportunities.

Classified Employees

Welcome to Oregon State University!  Classified employees play a vital role in the success of all faculty, staff and students on campus.  Covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, classified employees are afforded the opportunities to excel in their chosen fields.  This webpage provides links to information and resources to those opportunities.


Employment Opportunites


Life as an OSU Classified Employee



Classified Benefits



Campus Life



Compensation & Contract



Leave & Holidays


Leaving Classified Employment at OSU

Resigning From OSU



Unclassified Employees

Welcome to Oregon State University!  Unclassified employees play a vital role in the success of all faculty, staff and students on the OSU campus.  This webpage provides links to information and resources to those opportunities.


Employment Opportunites


Life as an OSU Unclassified Employee



Unclassified Benefits



Campus Life


Compensation & Contract


Leave & Holidays

Leaving Classified Employment at OSU

Resigning From OSU



HR Forms


OSCAR is the primary location for OSU forms.  Go to the "Downloadable Forms" area within OSCAR and you will find commonly used forms such as: Background Check Release, Current Mailing Address Change, Direct Deposit Authorization, Leave Request, Payroll Emergency Draw Request, Vacation Cash Out and more.


Campus Directory Profile

Family Medical Leave

Parking Services

Request to Hire Above Step 1


Staff Fee


Workers' Compensation

Supervisor Tool Box

This Tool Box aggregates resources, links and practical information related to specific supervisor/manager HR topics and disciplines.


Position Description Development

Hiring Toolkit for Supervisors & Managers

OSU Employment Services

  • Search Excellence for Hiring Managers
  • Position Description Samples
  • Recruiting System User Guides
  • Hiring Restrictions for Students Under the Age of 18

Equal Opportunity and Access

  • Search Advocates
  • Hiring from Historically Underrepresented Groups
  • Waivers of Search

Criminal History Check

OSU Youth Program Policies & Guidelines

OSU Nepotism Policy

OSU Provost's Dual Career Hiring Initiative

Veterans' Preference Advisor

Sample Hiring Interview Questions (pdf)

Inappropriate Interview Questions (pdf)

Advertising Sources

Recruitment Advertising - Graystone

Recruitment Advertising Details - Graystone

Temporary Housing Options for Incoming Faculty & Staff

New Hire Orientation Toolkit for Supervisors & Mangers

Employee Benefits Toolkit for Supervisors & Managers

Compensation Toolkit for Managers & Supervisors

Payroll Toolkit for Managers & Supervisors

Employee Relations Toolkit for Managers & Supervisors

Performance Management

Safety Toolkit for Managers & Supervisors

Professional Development Toolkit for Managers & Supervisors


 Student Experience Center


Revenue Services

Finance & Budgeting


Agency Funds (Servicing

Student Organizations Only)

Agency Funds (Servicing Student Organizations Only)


Finance and Budgeting

The AABC Finance and Accounting team serves OSU Auxiliary units as well as all student incidental fee funded units and their respective budgeting boards, providing financial transactional services, guidance, support and reporting.

Services Provided by the AABC Finance and Accounting Team:

  • Budget Analysis, forecasting and development
  • Financial reporting and forecasting
  • Process financial transactions
  • Payroll Functions
  • Purchasing Assistance
  • Fund / Index / Activity code set-up


For all financial reports and summaries requests, please contact your AABC-SEC representative found at our contact page.

Revenue Services


piggy bankThe AABC-SEC allows student organizations to deposit and withdraw money during business hours. The office is open from 8am - 4pm, Monday through Friday, and is located in the Student Experience Center, Suite 350.






Student Employment Opportunities

AABC- SEC Student Finance & Accounting Assistant:

Employer: Auxiliaries and Activities Business Center - Student Experience Center (AABC-SEC).

Location: The AABC-SEC Finance & Accounting office is located in Student Experience Center Suite #350.

Supervisor: Curt Black

The Auxiliaries and Activities Business Center in the SEC is looking for a student office worker to help with financial document processing and to assist customers. The student will: scan and enter invoices, assist in office filing, run financial reports, fill out forms; check/validate reports, journal entries, forms, and web content. Student will deliver documents to other campus locations within walking distance and assist customers at the front desk. Other projects as assigned. Ideally the applicant would be majoring in business administration, finance, accounting or a related field. A strong desire/enthusiasm and willingness to learn is highly desirable. Students with work study funds are preferred.

To apply: Please pick up an application in Student Experience Center, Suite 350 M-F between 8AM-5PM or download the PDF below.  Return a completed application with cover letter and resume to Student Experience Center, Suite 350 or to the email address

Salary Level: $10.25/hr

Duration: Academic year and tentative summer opportunities

Approximate Hours Per Week: 10-20 hrs/wk

Application Form


Flute Circle - OSU

AABC Purchasing is responsible for working with Auxiliary Partner Units such as Facilities Services, Intercollegiate Athletics, UHDS and others, as well as all student incidental fee funded units.




contracts icon


Welcome to the Auxiliaries and Activities

Contracts/Agreements with PCMM!

AABC-SEC has been working on a lean contracting process with PCMM in order to insure that total benefits are maximized among all involved stakeholders. We are  proposing the following practices be instilled by all departments/units as soon as possible.

Generating a Contract


Contract Steps

A completed Personal Services Contract Worksheet (PSCW) needs to be done 5 weeks BEFORE the scheduled event date.

Step 1:

  • When procuring a personal service for an event, please complete the Personal Contract Worksheet (PSCW) and submit it to
  • Departments must submit all contracts to This includes anything with terms and conditions.
  • Submit all budget authority approvals when submitting the PSCW or vendor contract to the business center.
    • Note: this can be done with a Purchase Request or by email directly from the budget authorities.
  • Types of contracts include but are not limited to the following:
    • Personal Service Contracts
    • Rental Agreements
    • Facility Use Agreements
    • Click-through Agreements

Step 2:

  • AABC-SEC receives email notification from department
  • The contract is assigned for drafting/review at the AABC-SEC
  • Department is notified that the PSCW or contract is received.

Step: 3:

  • AABC-SEC drafts contract

Step 4:

  • AABC-SEC routes for all signatures
    • Vendor
    • Department head
    • PACS
  • AABC-SEC initiates vendor maintenance work flow.

Step 5:

  • AABC-SEC sends fully executed contract to vendor and initial submitter
  • AABC-SEC processes payment

Contract workflow process

Frequently Asked Questions

1. OSU does not contract for nor arrange:

  • Travel
  • Lodging
  • Meals

Costs for the above line items can be built into the total contracted dollar amount for more information please contact the

Please see FIS 410-25 for further information

2. Please submit PSCW's at least 5 weeks prior to the date of the event.

3. Please include correct vendor information on PSCW. The PSCW must match the legal name of the vendor/contractor.

The Rationale-Heading to the Future

Why the new Process?

1. All contracts are paid by the business center

2. The Business Center is able to communicate with other departments

-PCMM (Former PaCs)

-Vendor Maintenance

-Risk Management

-Business Affairs

-OSU Foundation

-All Central Offices

3. The Business Center is moving towards a Lean Process system

-Information will be time stamped

-Data will be analyzed

-Bottlenecks will be identified

-Solutions will be created and implemented

4. If you would like to see the process change or have suggestions pleasse submit those requests to


Purchasing and Contracts with the AABC

Common Purchasing and Contract Services Resources

Purchasing and Contracts with the AABC

All purchase and contract requests should be sent to Scott Lommers at the AABC (with the exception of Student Fee Based Units, which should start the purchase process by contacting the AABC MU). After a determination is made as to who should process the transaction, the AABC will forward to the correct department as needed.

Send requests by e-mail, fax, or campus mail using the contact information below.

Scott Lommers |Buyer | Auxiliaries & Activities Business CenterOregon State University
104 Poling Hall | Corvallis, OR 97331-4203 | Direct: 541.737-2010 | Fax: 541.713-6708 |


  • Under $5000 – can be purchased either by the department/group or by the AABC, depending on established procedure.  Student Fee Based Units should contact AABC MU before beginning any purchase or contract procedure.

-Send all purchase requests over $5000 to Scott Lommers at the AABC – Include a completed requisition form and any backup documentation, including vendor quotes.

  • Between $5000 and $25,000 – must be purchased by the AABC.
  • Over $25,000 – must be purchased by PaCS, after initial consult with AABC or AABC MU.


-Send all purchase requests involving construction or installation, no matter the dollar amount, to Scott Lommers at the AABC. Student Fee Based Units should contact AABC MU before all purchases.

  • All BOLI purchases –no matter what dollar amount – must be completed by PaCS Construction. If you have any questions as to whether a purchase may be BOLI – please inquire with the AABC.


-Send all contracts, including PPSC’s, to Scott Lommers at the AABC for review. Student Fee Based Units should contact AABC MU before negotiating any contracts, including PPSC’s.

  • All contracts, including PPSC’s, must be signed by PaCS.  Neither the AABC nor the departments have signing authority for any contracts.

Quotes and Sourcing

-If a department needs assistance in sourcing goods or services, contact Scott Lommers at the AABC. Student Fee Based Units may contact AABC MU for assistance.

Download a PDF version of this purchasing information.

Common Purchasing and Contract Services Resources

Purchasing forms can be found at the Purchasing and Contract Services forms page.

For additional purchasing information refer to the Purchasing and Contract Services resources page.

For more information on OSU Purchasing Contracts, including travel visit the Buy Orange page.

Unit Resources

Financial/Budget Reporting

Document and Transaction Lookup

Oscar Forms

Unit Scanning Guidelines

Purchasing Card Information

Travel Resources

Training Resources

Policies and Procedures


Financial/Budget Reporting

OSU Budgets Office Homepage


Document and Transaction Lookup

Document and Transaction Lookup Instructions

InfoOSU Login


Oscar Forms

OSCAR is the primary location for OSU forms. Go to the "Downloadable Forms" area within OSCAR to find leave requests, timesheets, and communication allowance agreements to name a few. Supervisors will find performance evaluation reviews, new classified employee checklists, background check criteria, and others.

Substitute W-9



Unit Scanning Guidelines

Unit Invoice Receipt & Scanning Instructions

Scanning Tips


Purchasing Card Information

PCard Module Training

OSU PCard Information Training

Purchasing Card Scanning and Submission Guidelines

AABC Purchasing Card Log

Missing Receipt Affidavit Form


Travel Resources

OSU Travel Overview

Travel Per Diem Rates

Travel Fiscal Operations Policy & Procedures Manual


Training Resources

To sign up for Banner FIS classes or Data Warehouse classes, visit the OSU Professional Development site

To request access, submit the Banner & Data Warehouse Request for Access Form

OSU "Banner and Data Warehouse Request for Access" Instructions

Business Affairs Training Materials

Subscribe to an OSU Distribution List


Policies and Procedures Manuals

OSU General Administrative Policies

OSU Fiscal Policies

OSU Grants and Contract Manual

OSU Property Manual


Student Experience Center AABC Suite 350 Door

Located in the Student Experience Center - Suite 350
Hours: Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm

The payroll office processes time records for pay compensation for the Oregon State University auxiliary and student fee-based units. We provide and assist with the maintenance of payroll documents for earnings and tax purposes, paying approximately 3000 employees each month.

Time Reporting

Forms & Resources


Calendar & Deadlines


  • New Employee Orientation Sessions:  Hosted by the OSU Office of Human Resources
    • Drop in on a monthly session for employees who are newly hired and/or newly eligible for benefits. No registration is required.
    • For more information and a calendar of all upcoming sessions click here.

Tell us what we can do for you -

Do you have a question?  Need help with EmpCenter?  Maybe you wish you could do something more efficiently… Let us know what training you need.

The AABC payroll team would like to know what questions you have and what training you need.  We are striving to provide better tools and information every day, but we may be missing the mark.  Please tell us so we can partner with Central Administration to meet your needs.

Are you interested in a larger group training or topic forum?  Do you have specific questions or topic suggestions? Or maybe you have something that has worked well for you that we may share with others?

Please send your suggestions by email to   With this feedback we can offer better, more useful help for you.

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you!


Time Reporting

This page provides useful tools and information about time sheets and time reporting procedures and policy. 




EmpCenter or My Time reporting:

A web-based attendance system by Workforce Software allows us to serve units both on and off the main campus, redirect personnel resources and reduce time spent administering payroll and benefits.  The system provides improved compliance, simpler record keeping, and better leave administration.  All of these combine to reduce or eliminate costly errors.


Frequently Used Reports and Report Tools:

  • Scheduling a Report - Have reports sent to your email automatically with the frequency you choose.
  • Daily Cost Reporting - Time Sheet Query Report - EmpCenter report that can be used to review worker cost over a requested period of time.
  • Time Sheet Approval - Report showing time sheets that have not been approved in a specified period of time.
  • Time Sheet Exceptions - Red exception/non-paid error corrections - List of employees who have a red non-paid error in a given time period.
  • Delegation of Supervision - Give another supervisor access to your employee timesheets for periods where you will be out or unavailable.


 Less than FTE exception change:

EmpCenter programming of the Less than FTE exception error on Classified salaried employees, has changed from being a yellow warning level error to a red not paid error.  This exception was going unnoticed and not being corrected so the severity was increased to encourage correction and proper pay. Because these employees are salaried, they are being paid for their full FTE even when it is not being fully documented in EmpCenter. Employees should be meeting their FTE by either reporting hours using the Clock or Work In/Out pay codes, using available appropriate leave, or reporting LWOP (leave without pay) when no leave is available.

See this document for more information.

Unit Pay/Student Stipend

Unit Pay/Student Stipend:

Unit Pay/Student Stipends, also known as piece work, is pay at a fixed rate for each unit produced or action performed regardless of the time taken, although time is sometimes considered in determining the piece rate.

There are several factors the AABC considers before determining if the work being done warrants being paid at a unit or piece rate.  Only those jobs identified through our office as Unit Pay/Student Stipend can and will be paid this way, all others are paid at an hourly rate.

Employees with jobs that are paid as Unit Pay will not be added to EmpCenter.  Therefore, they cannot use clock in/out feature.  Each month, follow the process below to submit total pay due for employees with Unit Pay/Student Stipend.

  1. Retrieve the Unit pay/Student stipend worksheet from the link above.
    The worksheet provides cells that can be used to track units completed through the pay period.  These cells are not required to be completed.
  2. Return the completed worksheet no later than 5pm the 16th of the month by emailing it as an attached Excel spreadsheet to
  3. Print and sign a hard copy version of the worksheet and send that original to the AABC payroll team in the Student Experience Center, suite 350.
    Although the worksheet is not due until the 16th of the month the AABC prefers to receive these as early as possible once the pay information can be completed.  Please feel free to email it to the AABC Payroll team as soon as you have all work completed and pay requested recorded.

Correcting Unit Pay/Student Stipend Pay Errors:

If you incorrectly pay an employee using the Unit Pay/Student Stipend process, the AABC Payroll team will need to be notified with the correct pay information in order to make the proper adjustment.  Follow the instructions below when submitting information for correcting Unit Pay amounts for over- and underpayment.

  1. The supervisor (or another identified staff member) retreives the unit pay/student stipend worksheet from the link above.
  2. Fill out all of the required fileds reflecting the full amount that the employee should be paid in the pay period.  Only list those who had a change to the pay amount due. 
    The AABC payroll team will determine the amount due or overpaid based on the total reported on the corrected worksheet.
  3. Email the spreadsheet to the AABC Payroll email address and follow it with a signed hard copy in campus mail.
  4. The AABC payroll team will request an additional check for the pay due or complete the overpayment form for central payroll to process collection of the overpaid amount.
    See the PDF version of the instructions for more detailed information regarding how additional pay will be issued if due to the employee.

Forms & Resources

Documents may be provided in a variety of formats (i.e. Acrobat PDF, MS Word, Text, etc), so you will need the appropriate application to load and view them.

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse:

Oregon State University has a responsibility to prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse and to hold accountable those who engage in it. Our Code of Ethics notes that members of the Oregon State University community are expected to conduct themselves with the highest standards of ethics.

OSU has contracted with EthicsPoint, an independent, third-party vendor, to provide this confidential and anonymous telephone and Internet system for reporting concerns.

When employees do not feel comfortable discussing these concerns directly with campus management, anonymous reports can be made through the hotline.

Internet Phone

Go to OSU's Ethics Point portal and click on the applicable campus and the appropriate Issue Category that best describes the incident.

Call the EthicsPoint toll-free hotline at: 1-888-304-7810. An intake specialist will assist in making your report



Documents may be provided in a variety of formats (i.e. Acrobat PDF, MS Word, Text, etc), so you will need the appropriate application to load and view them.


Emergency Payroll Draws/Pay Advances:

An employee may request an emergency payroll draw at any time. An emergency situation is defined as an unusual and unforeseen event or condition that requires immediate financial attention by an employee. Only three draws are allowed in a rolling calendar year (one year from date of first draw), without special approval from the payroll office.


Direct Deposit 

Direct deposit is a safe, easy, and convenient way to receive payments from OSU. You have the option of establishing direct deposit for two payment categories; (1) Student Refunds / Employee Reimbursements and (2) Payroll. Once you enroll in direct deposit, applicable payments from OSU will be deposited using the information you provide. If you would like all OSU payments to be processed via 


W4 Form:

The IRS W4 form is completed so that your employer can deduct the right amount of federal and state income tax from your pay check. This amount is taken monthly and is based on the tax tables and your earnings.


W2 Forms and Information:

W-2s will not be available until late January.  They will be made available online at after they have been mailed.  The printable version is a valid copy to file with the state or IRS.

Duplicates can also be requested through Central Payroll in the Kerr Administration Building or by emailing with your request; but there may be a $10 fee.

If the employee is terminated and their ONID account has expired, they can still access everything via self-service at:  They’ll need to log in using their OSU ID # and password (typically their last ONID password).

W-2s are not available online for Non-Resident Aliens.  If you are an NRA, you can request a duplicate W-2 through Central Payroll at (541)-737-3232 or by emailing  Again, the first copy is free, but charges will apply for subsequent requests.


Labor Distribution:

The Labor Distribution Form is used to report changes to prior, current, or future distributions. You may distribute payroll charges based on a fixed percent, a dollar amount or number of hours.

  • The AABC does not require this form to be used. However, all the information needs to be provided in written form.


Mileage and Meal Allowance Worksheet:

  • On-Call Mileage and Meal Allowance Worksheet:  This worksheet allows you to report on-call hours and hours worked if you are called in. This form is also used for requesting mileage reimbursements for miles traveled when you were called in. Lastly, this worksheet can be used to claim allowances for meals missed due to being called in and working longer than scheduled or over a meal period.  Please see the instruction sheet for further details on eligibility and how to fill out the worksheet.

  • On-Call Mileage and Meal Allowance Worksheet Instructions:  Please read these instructions for information on who is eligible, how to request reimbursement, and details about mileage and meals.  


Classified Vacation Cash Out:

SEIU(Service Employees International Union)-represented classified employees may complete this form in December to request that up to 40 hours of vacation leave be cashed out.  After the cash out, you must have at least 80 hours of accrued leave remaining.




The OSCAR website provides OSU staff and faculty with direct, secure access to online tasks and downloadable forms for a wide range of business purposes.



OSU Online Services or InfOSU: 

Using InfOSU, students, faculty, and staff can register for classes, get grades, manage their direct deposit, view leave balances, and update employee information.




ONID accounts provide services such as OSU Email, Access to OSU Online Services, Canvas, and Interlibrary Loan, File storage, and Personal web pages.


Other Payroll Expenses (OPE):

OPE is the cost of an employee, in addition to the gross pay, charged to the employee's department.  OPE is charged proportionately to each index an employee is paid from. 



Supplemental Wages:

If your employer pays you money outside of your regular salary, the Federal Government treats it as supplemental wages. These wages generally include commissions and bonuses, sick leave payments, any severance payments upon termination of your employment, taxable prizes and awards, retroactive pay increases, reimbursements of nondeductible moving expenses, taxable fringe benefits and certain kinds of expense reimbursements and allowances. 

The supplemental withholding rate is 25%

As with your normal tax withholding, if the total of your taxes paid exceeds your taxes due for the year, you can receive a tax refund when you file your tax return.

Leave Payouts

A classified employee who terminates employment or is laid off is entitled to compensation for unused vacation leave balance to a maximum of 250 hours at the employee's current rate of pay.  This is subject to the supplemental tax rate of 25% 

An unclassified employee who terminates employment is entitled to compensation for unused vacation leave balance to a maximum of 180 hours at the employee's current rate of pay.  This is subject to the supplemental tax rate of 25% 


Savings Opportunities:


Retirement Resources: 403b and 457:

Two voluntary retirement savings plans offer a way to increase your retirement income through regular, planned investing.  You determine how much to save each month based on a percentage of your gross salary.  Monthly contributions are made to your account through payroll deduction and can be made on either a pre-tax or post-tax basis.


College Savings:

Oregon College Savings Plan 529: The Oregon College Savings Plan can help you put a child's college education within reach.
Payroll deduction for the Oregon College Savings Plan is a convenient and flexible method to contribute to your existing Oregon College Savings Plan account. Click on this form to get started today.




Employee Compensation Plans:

Employee Compensation Plans


Classified and Temporary Pay Policy:

A position represented by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Local 503, Oregon Public Employees Union (OPEU), or the Graphic Communication International Union (GCIU).


Unclassified Pay Policy:

Unclassified positions include professorial, research, and instructor positions as well as unclassified administrative appointments.


Undergrad Student Pay Policy:

Oregon State University provides employment opportunities to students to assist them in the enhancement of their educational development and experience, to provide income opportunities as a part of a student’s total financial assistance program, and to create co-curricular experiences by which the student gains valuable work skills.


Graduate Student Employee Partnership Policy:

Administrative units may continue to use graduate assistants, but they must do so by coupling their stipend funds with a tuition remission by partnering with an academic unit/program.

For graduate appointments supported by Statewide Public Service and other funds (non-001100 E&G, Designated Operations, Service Units, Auxiliaries, and Restricted/Grant Funds) the cost is paid directly on those funds.  There is no journal voucher necessary, nor is there a reimbursement for tuition remission.


FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act):

The Fair Labor Standards Act establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and youth employment standards affecting employees in the private sector and in federal, state, and local governments.


FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act):

The Family Medical Leave Act entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave.


SEIU (Service Employees International Union):

SEIU is a labor union focused on organizing workers in health care, property services, and state/local government employees.

Calendar & Deadlines

OSU and AABC Payroll Deadlines


Salaried Timesheets:

EmpCenter Submit by 5:00pm Approve by 5:00pm
January through December 2017 4th of the Month 6th of the Month


Hourly Staff/Pay Period of 16th-15th:

EmpCenter Submit by 12pm, Noon Approve by 12pm, Noon
January through December 2017 16th of the month

17th of the month

Unit Pay/Student Stipend Worksheets: Worksheet

IMPORTANT: Each Month please email by the due dates, below.   Please note that this request does not eliminate the need for the signed hard copy to be submitted to AABC Payroll (SEC, Suite 350).  It is imperative that ALL the information on the worksheet is accurate!

Unit pay Worksheet Submit via Email by 5:00pm Submit Signed hard copy by 5:00pm
January through December 2017 16th of the Month 17th of the Month


Payday is always the last working day of the month (Monday through Friday).  If payday falls on a weekend or holiday, pay will be issued on the last working day prior to the last day of the month.

Month Day Month Day
January 01/31/2017, Tuesday July 07/31/2017, Monday
February 02/28/2017, Tuesday August 08/31/2017, Thursday
March 03/31/2017, Friday September 09/29/2017, Friday
April 04/28/2017, Friday October 10/31/2017, Tuesday
May 05/31/2017, Wednesday November 11/30/2017, Thursday
June 06/30/2017, Friday December 12/29/2017, Friday

Payroll Contacts

Location Telephone/Fax Email

Student Experience Center,

Suite 350

AABC Office Mainline


2251 SE Jefferson Way,

Corvallis OR 97331

AABC Office Fax


Specialty Primary Contact   Manager
All Payroll/All Units

Meghan Tompkins

Payroll Coordinator


Erica Dodson

Finance & Accounting Manager

Telephone 541-737-2257   541-737-6251


AABC Human Resources

Located in the University Plaza Suite 150

Next to the OSU Soccer Fields on 15th and Western

  • AABC HR Office Mainline Telephone: 541-737-2915
  • AABC HR Office Fax Line: 541-713-6708
  • AABC HR Email address:

OSU Central Payroll

Located in the Kerr Administration Building

Windows number 17 and 18

  • Central Payroll Mainline Telephone: 541-737-3232
  • Central Payroll Office Fax Line: 541-737-9490
  • Central Payroll Email address:

Meghan Tompkins - Payroll Coordinator

Meghan Tompkins

Payroll Coordinator

Telephone: 541-737-2257

Fax Line: 541-737-3114

Focus Area:

  • Payroll
  • Travel and Relocation

Responsibilities Include:

  • Payroll processing and management
  • EmpCenter managment and auditing
  • Unit base pay/Student stipend management
  • Termination pay
  • Labor re-distributions
  • Payroll and Salary reporting
  • Travel and relocations processing and oversight

Units Served:

  • All AABC Units
  • Auxiliaries and Activities Business Center (AABC)
  • Associated Students of OSU
  • Capital Planning and Development
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Diversity and Cultural Engagement
  • Enterprise Risk Services
  • Facilities Services
  • Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Memorial Union
  • MU Retail Food Services
  • Office of Human Resources
  • Orange Media Network
  • Printing and Mailing
  • Public Safety
  • Recreational Sports
  • Specialized Administrative Services
  • Student Access and Family Resources
  • Student Health Services
  • Student Incidental Fee Committee (SIFC)
  • Student Leadership and Involvement
  • Transportation Services
  • Univeristy Conference Services
  • University Dining
  • University Housing


Student Employment



 Student Employee Tool Box

Supervisor Tool Box







Student Employee Tool Box

This Tool Box aggregates resources, links and practical information related to specific employee HR topics and disciplines.


Job Opportunities


Application Materials



International Resources

Job Enhancement

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-What 1-9 documents do I need to bring with me when I do my paperwork?

If you have an F-1 Visa, you will need to bring your Passport, I-20, your most recent I-94, and your Social Security Receipt.

If you have a J-1 Visa, you will need to bring your Passport, DS-2019, your most recent I-94, and your Social Security Receipt.

-Social Security Office Location & Hours

-Social Security Info

-U.S. Tax Information

-Glossary of Hiring Terms

-Global Activity Database




-Where is the AABC office located?

The AABC Human Resources office is located in University Plaza, Suite 150.


-What documents do I need to bring with me when I come in to fill out my paperwork?

If you are a domestic student, you will need to bring in a document that establishes both identity and employment authorization. The most common documents are:

  • Passport


  • Social Security Card and Photo ID


  • Birth Certificate and Photo ID

For a complete list of acceptable documents, please see page 4 of Instructions for Employment Eligibility Verification.

If you are an international student with an F-1 Visa, you will need to bring in your Passport, I-20, your most recent I-94, and your Social Security Receipt.

If you are an international student with a J-1 Visa, you will need to bring in your Passport, DS-2019, your most recent I-94, and your Social Security Receipt.


-When is payday?

Payday is the last business day of the month.


-Where can I pick up my paycheck?

The AABC Payroll Office is in the Student Experience Center room 350.


-How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

To sign up for Direct Deposit, log into myOSU, click on the Employee tab, and click on the Direct Deposit link on the left.


-I am signed up for Direct Deposit. How do I view my paystub?

To view your paystub, log into myOSU, click on the Employee tab, and click on the Paystub link on the left.


-How do I change my W-4?

To change your W4, log into myOSU, click on the Employee tab, and click on the W4 link on the left.


-What do I do if I no longer want to continue working?

Talk to your supervisor.


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