Health Sciences Business Center

The Health Sciences Business Center (HSBC) provides financial and administrative services to the colleges of:

Our Business Center combines the functions previously performed separately in the three college business offices as well as certain functions from central administrative offices. Our goal with this consolidation is to provide your colleges with an enhanced level of service and greater expertise in core administrative services.


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Contacts ordered by tasks


Airfare Authorization Requests Mike (VMD), Dave (PHHS)
Annual Visa Agreement Requests Brenda T.
Cash/Credit Card deposit questions Rob
Coordination of Maintenance and Construction projects Ryan (VMD, PHR)
Correcting Journal Voucher requests Mary, Cathy
Grant Reporting Questions Dave , Brenda B.
Invoice Payment Questions Brenda T. (VMD), Rob (PHHS, PHR)
Financial policy, incl general questions about invoices & reimbursements Dave , Brenda B.
General questions re allowability of purchasing card expenditures Brenda T.
Grant Policy questions Dave , Brenda B.
Grant Proposal Budget questions Dave , Brenda B.
Moving Reimbursement Questions Dave  (PHHS, VMD)
OSU Foundation Payment request questions Mary ,(PHHS, PHR) Cathy (VMD)
PAR form questions Mary, (PHHS, PHR), Cathy (VMD)
Payroll or Pay Check questions Cathy, Mike
Payment Policy questions Dave , Brenda B.
Personal and Professional Service Contracts (PSI/PPSC) Cathy
Procurement CardPolicy questions Dave , Brenda B.
Purchase Order and Requisition Questions Brenda T.
Travel Policy Questions Rob
Vendor disputs and inquires Brenda T. (VMD), Rob (PHHS, PHR)
Wire Transfer Requests Rob

Human Resources/Recruitment

Accident reporting/SAIF claims (Workers' Comp) Alisha (PHHS All, HSBC), Valerie (PHR, VMD), Heather (All)
Award Pay Alisha (PHHS All, HSBC), Valerie (PHR, VMD), Heather (All)
Benefits (general questions) Debbie (PHR), Diana (VMD), Emma (PHHS All, HSBC), Denae (PHHS All, HSBC)
Compensation for classified employees Alisha (PHHS All, HSBC), Valerie (PHR, VMD)
Courtesy, affiliate, and volunteer appointments Debbie (PHR), Diana (VMD), Emma (PHHS All, HSBC), Denae (PHHS All, HSBC)
Employee records and reporting Debbie (PHR), Diana (VMD), Emma (PHHS All, HSBC), Denae (PHHS All, HSBC)
Employee relations, training, development Alisha (PHHS All), Valerie (PHR, VMD), Heather (All)
Faculty reviews Alisha (PHHS All), Valerie (PHR, VMD), Heather (All)
Fixed-term appointment renewals Alisha (PHHS All), Valerie (PHR, VMD)
FMLA tracking Alisha (PHHS All), Valerie (PHR, VMD)
FLSA determinations Alisha (PHHS All, HSBC), Valerie (PHR, VMD)
Graduate student appointments Debbie (PHR), Diana (VMD), Emma (PHHS All, HSBC), Denae (PHHS All, HSBC)
Pool Recruitments

Debbie (PHR), Diana (VMD), Emma (PHHS All, HSBC), Denae (PHHS All, HSBC), Alisha (PHHS All, HSBC), Valerie (PHR, VMD)

Job/appointment changes

Debbie (PHR), Diana (VMD), Emma (PHHS All, HSBC), Denae (PHHS All, HSBC)

Leave balances Debbie (PHR), Diana (VMD), Emma (PHHS All, HSBC), Denae (PHHS All, HSBC)
Length of service calculations Debbie (PHR), Diana (VMD), Emma (PHHS All, HSBC), Denae (PHHS All, HSBC)
New employee hiring paperwork Debbie (PHR), Diana (VMD), Emma (PHHS All, HSBC), Denae (PHHS All, HSBC)
Overload compensation, stipends Alisha (PHHS All, HSBC), Valerie (PHR, VMD), Heather (All)
Performance evaluations (classified) Alisha (PHHS All, HSBC), Valerie (PHR, VMD)
Position reclassifications, updates Alisha (PHHS All, HSBC), Valerie (PHR, VMD)
Procedure development/implementation Heather
Professional faculty profile/salary review Alisha (PHHS All, HSBC), Valerie (PHR, VMD)
Recruitments and waivers Alisha (PHHS All, HSBC), Valerie (PHR, VMD)
Salary increases (merit, equity, retention) Alisha (PHHS All, HSBC), Valerie (PHR, VMD), Heather (All)
Staff fee requests Debbie
Student employee recruitment/posting Debbie (PHR), Diana (VMD), Emma (PHHS All, HSBC), Denae (PHHS All, HSBC)
Summer academic wage appointments Valerie
Temporary and academic wage appointments Debbie (PHR), Diana (VMD), Emma (PHHS All, HSBC), Denae (PHHS All, HSBC), Alisha (PHHS All, HSBC), Valerie (PHR, VMD)
Timesheets Debbie (PHR), Diana (VMD), Emma (PHHS All, HSBC), Denae (PHHS All, HSBC)
Unclassified employee reappointments Alisha (PHHS All, HSBC), Valerie (PHR, VMD)
Unclassified employee job title changes Alisha (PHHS All, HSBC), Valerie (PHR, VMD)
Unemployment claims processing Debbie
VISA/Immigration coordination with ISFS

Debbie (PHR), Diana (VMD), Emma (PHHS All, HSBC), Denae (PHHS All, HSBC)


Human Resources Heather
Financial transactions, grant reporting, policy questions Lisa
Employee Payroll Mike
Vet Med budget, strategic planning Mike
College budgets, strategic planning, HSBC management Tom

Forms & Resources

OSCAR is the primary location for OSU forms. Go to the "Downloadable Forms" area within OSCAR and you will find commonly used forms.

Finance and Accounting Forms

Human Resources Forms

Alphabetical list of all HSBC forms

All Forms Alphabetically

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Cash Out Reimbursement 

Check Pick Up Form (Vendor Payment Request)

Checklist - Termination (for Supervisors)

Communication Allowance Agreement 

CTA Form (Vendor Payment Request)



Demographic - Personal

Departmental Advance 

Departmental Requisition (Procurement, Contracts, and Materials Management)



Emergency Payroll Draw Request

Employee Travel Reimbursement Request (TRES) 

Employee vs. Contractor Determination form

Fly America Act Waiver

Foreign travel authorization


Graduate Assistant Position Description Template (Fillable PDF) (Word)



Hire Above Step 1, Request to (classified positions) (Fillable PDF) (Non-Fillable)




Invoice Change Notice 









Moving/relocation expense summary



New employee relocation

No-cost extension request

Nonresident Alien Tax Status

Notice of Invoice Change 





Pay Above Student Hourly Maximum, Request to (Fillable PDF) (Non-Fillable)

Payment Request Form (Vendor Payment Request)

Payroll Emergency Draw Request 

Pending Index request

Personal Demographic

Personal Reimbursement

Personal Services Contract

Personal Services Invoice (PSI) Form (Procurement, Contracts, and Materials Management)

Personnel Requisition Form – Competitive Recruitment (Fillable PDF) (Non-Fillable)

Personnel Requisition Form – Short Term Appointments (Fillable PDF) (Non-Fillable)

Personnel Requisition Form – Waiver of Search (WOS) (Fillable PDF) (Non-Fillable)

Personnel Requisition Form – All Other Appointments (Fillable PDF) (Non-Fillable)

Personnel Requisition Form – Position Change or Reclassification (Fillable PDF) (Non-Fillable)

Position Description Template

Purchase Requisition (Procurement, Contracts, and Materials Management)

Purchasing Card Application 

Purchasing Card Departmental Agreement 

Purchasing Card User Agreement 




Rapid Recruit Web Form

Reimbursement Cash Out 

Reimbursement Request Personal 

Reimbursement Request - Employee Travel (TRES)

Relocation Agreement 

Relocation Expense Reimbursement Form 

Requisition - Departmental (Procurement, Contracts, and Materials Management)

Requisition - Purchase (Procurement, Contracts, and Materials Management)



Salary Increase Request Form (unclassified positions) (Fillable PDF) (Non-Fillable)

Special Conditions of Employment Worksheet (Fillable PDF) (Non-Fillable)

Student Employment Request Form (SERF)

Student Hiring Form (Fillable PDF) (Non-Fillable)

Student Posting Request Form (Fillable PDF) (Non-Fillable)



Termination Checklist for Supervisors


Travel Advance 

Travel Reimbursement Request Employee (TRES)






Vendor Payment Request 




Wire transfer form







Human Resources Forms

OSCAR is the primary location for OSU forms. Go to the "Downloadable Forms" area within OSCAR and you will find commonly used forms such as: Name Change, W-4, Vacation Cash Out, and Communication Allowance Agreements to name a few. Supervisors will find the Applicant Disposition Worksheet, Criminal History Check Disclosure Notice and Release Authorization forms, and others.

If you experience any issues opening or using the forms and resources on this page, try opening the "non-fillable" version or please contact HSBC HR ( You can also try following the steps at this link to set up your browser so it doesn't stop you from accessing forms in the future.

 Student Employee Recruitment & Hiring

 Graduate Employee Appointments & Hiring

 Personnel Requisition Forms

 Other Forms

HSBC HR Procedures


HSBC HR Workflows

Finance & Accounting

Human Resources

Forms and resources for the following topics are located on our HR Forms & Resources page.

  • Student recruitment & hiring
  • Position description template
  • Graduate employee appointments & hiring
  • Recruitment resources
  • Salary increases
  • Hiring above Step 1
  • Special conditions of employment worksheet
  • And more!




  • Volunteer vs. Employee
  • HSBC Onboarding Project is Underway
  • Update to CHC/MVH Notification Emails
  • Trainings for the Student Recruitment Process
  • Changes in HSBC HR


  • Oregon's Minimum Wage Increases
  • Restricted Purchases on Procurement Cards
  • Year End Closing Is Here
  • HSBC HR is on Skype for Business


  • Upcoming Dates for Fixed-Term Renewal Appointments
  • Year-End Close Deadlines and Reminders
  • Deadlines for Staff Fee Privileges
  • Requirements and Resources to Graduate Assistantship Appointments
  • E-Procurement and DocuSign Implementation


  • Note from HSBC HR Manager
  • HSBC Staffing Changes
  • Temporary Change in Work Assignments
  • Graduation-Related Expenses
  • Year End Close
  • Summer Research/Non-Teaching Appointments for 9 month Faculty
  • Summer Teaching Appointments for 9 month Faculty
  • Fixed-Term Renewals and Non-Renewal
  • Packing Slips and Invoices
  • Finance and Accounting Forms Now Online



  • New HSBC Monthly Update
  • Retirement of PSI Form
  • Oregon Sick Leave Law
  • Open Enrollment Changes/Corrections
  • Graduate Employee Sick Leave and Substitute Work
  • Reviewing Direct Deposit Information
  • Required Workplace Notices and Posters
  • 2016 OSU Travel Per Diem Update


  • CORE Training
  • Need a Copy of Your Position Description?
  • Restructuring of HSBC Finance Unit
  • HSBC Contact List – Updated!


  • Notary Services Available
  • Limited Open Enrollment – Life Insurance
  • Managing Graduation-Related Expenses
  • Change to Hourly Student Jobs
  • Packing Slips
  • Creating Organizational Charts
  • First Day of Spring
  • Parking Lot Closures


  • Summer Research/Non-Teaching Appointments for 9-Month Faculty
  • Summer Teaching Appointments for 9-Month Faculty
  • Invoices/Packing Slips
  • Graduate Assistant Employee Sick Leave and Substitute Work
  • Manager and Supervisor Training
  • Fixed-Term Renewals
  • Work Flow – From Recruitment to Hire
  • Managing Graduation-Related Expenses


  • Personnel Changes in HSBC
  • Oregon Minimum Wage
  • Fixed Term Renewal Letters
  • Summer Research/Non-Teaching Appointments
  • Violence Prevention @ OSU
  • Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center
  • Index Balances in CORE
  • Year End Close


  • Oregon Minimum Wage – Changes Effective 7/1/16
  • Graduate Assistantships for 2016-17
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) – Human Resources Best Practices Review
  • FLSA Overtime Changes
  • Reporting a Work-Related Accident or Illness
  • Personal Reimbursements
  • Vendor Invoices / Packing Slips
  • F-1 OPT EAD Update
  • Personnel Changes in International Programs


  • Checking Index Balances
  • Student Salaried Jobs (Suffix 55) in EmpCenter
  • Hiring Students for Fall Term
  • Using Forms on the HSBC Website
  • Supervisor Responsibilities in EmpCenter
  • Supervisor Resources in EmpCenter
  • Reporting Injuries or Work-Related Illnesses


  • HSBC Personnel Update
  • HSBC Office Closure
  • Part 1 – Student Recruitment and Hiring
  • Part 2 – Student Recruitment and Hiring
  • Managing Heat Issues and Work Expectations


  • HSBC Personnel Update
  • Online Travel Booking Tool – nuTravel
  • Graduate Assistantships – Reminders and Updates
  • Hiring Academic Faculty with Indefinite Tenure
  • New CORE Feature
  • Setting a Preferred Name in the OSU Address Book
  • Box for Oregon State University
  • IRS Warns of Back-to-School Scams


  • HSBC Personnel Changes
  • Timing of CHC & MVH Initiation
  • Inclement Weather and Work Curtailment
  • Invoice Payment Request Reminders
  • HSBC Magruder Office Hours Update
  • FLSA Change Reminders
  • Resources for Teaching Faculty and GTAs
  • Graduate Assistantship Reminders
  • Holidays in EmpCenter
  • Vacation Cash Out for Classified Employees



  • January
    • PEBB Open Enrollment Changes or Corrections
    • 2015 OSU Travel Per Diem Update
    • Search Committee Update-Veteran Status Procedure
    • New/Updated Forms
    • Electronic Performance Evaluation Tool for Professional Faculty
    • Applicant Reference Checking Update/Guidelines
  • February
    • Azumano/NuTravel Online Booking Tool
    • Update Rates for Postdoctoral Scholars
    • Congratulations on Achievements
    • HSBC Team Contact Information
  • March
    • eLearning for Managers and Supervisors
    • New Employee Orientatin and Training
    • Grant Oversight Guidance is Changing
    • New and Updated HR Forms on the HSBC Website
  • April
    • Summer Research/Non-Teaching Appointments for 9-Month Faculty
    • Summer Teaching Appointments for 9-Month Faculty
    • Retention of Student Search Files
    • Student Employment-Summer Session
    • Summer Employment & Students Graduating Spring Term
    • Hiring a New Hourly Student Worker vs. Reappointing a Prior Student Worker
    • Options for Graduate Assistant Summer Appointments
  • May
    • HSBC Personnel Changes
    • Search Committee Requirements-Veteran Applicants
    • Postdoctoral Scholar Renewals
    • Graduate Assistant PDs
    • Graduate Student Pay
    • Volunteers
    • OSU Supplier Showcase
    • CORE Updates
    • Update to Emeritus Policy
    • Using Outside Temporary Agencies
    • New Name for CO-NRA Form
  • June
    • Managing Financial Impacts to Your Grant
    • Notary Services Available
    • Updated HSBC HR Team Contacts
    • ID Center Relocation
    • Supervisors of Professional Faculty Employees
    • Graduate Summer Enrollment Reminder
  • July
    • Dual Positions for Graduate Students
    • Termination of Inactive Employee Records
    • Student Eligibility and Student Hiring Forms
    • New Employee Onboarding Program
    • EmpCenter Resources-Managing Leave
  • August
    • New Addition to HSBC Finance & Accounting
    • Background Checks for Employment and Service
    • Managing Heat Issues – Working in Hot Conditions
    • What is a Postdoc?
    • Department of Labor – In the News!
    • HSBC Grant Reporting
    • Postdoctoral Scholar Appointment Extensions/Renewals
  • September
    • HSBC Welcomes New Finance & Accounting Manager
    • Reviewing Veteran Status during the Applicant Screening Process
    • Completing the Applicant Disposition Worksheet
    • Reviewing Applicants for Classified Employment Postings
    • Resources for Instructors and GTAs
    • 5-Day Complimentary Parking Pass for New Employees
    • Benefits Review Sessions for New or Newly Benefit Eligible Employees
  • October
    • HSBC Office Changes
    • HSBC Office Hours in Magruder Hall
    • Gradual Phase Out of Postdoctoral Scholar Positions
    • Training Days
    • Background Checks
    • Faculty Workshop
    • Reporting Violations of OSU Policies or Standards
    • Upcoming Wellness, Financial and Retirement Workshops
    • Chronicle of Higher Education Discounts
  • November
    • Holiday Schedule and Calendar
    • Holidays in EmpCenter
    • Temporary Supervisor Delegation in EmpCenter
    • Vacation Cash-Out for Classified Employees
    • Inclement Weather and Curtailment
    • NSF Final Project Reports
    • New Resources on HSBC Website
    • Lunch Breaks for Student Employees &  Temps
    • Adding Duties/Responsibilities
    • What is a Classified Position?
  • December
    • Upgrade to OSU’s Online Recruiting System – January 2016
    • Vacation Cash-Out for Classified Employees
    • Special Day for Unclassified Employees
    • Graduate Assistant Paid Sick Leave
    • Supervisor/Manager Affirmative Action Responsibilities
    • Veterans Hiring Toolkit
    • Executive Order 13665 – Prohibitions Against Pay Secrecy Policies and Actions
    • New Look for Newsletter in January


  • May
    • I-9 Completion/Verification and Reverification Requirements
    • Recruitment Process–Filling Positions
    • Staff Fee Privileges (Tuition Reduction)
    • Summer Student Hiring
    • J-1 and H1B Application Process Changes
    • Personal Information Changes?
  • June
    • HSBC HR Says Farewell to One of Our Team
    • Changes to Student Employment Contacts
    • Position Description (PD) Update Process
    • HR Advocate– New Reporting Program
    • Recruitment Resource Guide
    • Understanding Your Earnings Statement
    • Supervisors and EmpCenter – Student Hourly Positions
    • OSU Policy on Veterans Status
    • Faculty Merit Increases
  • July
    • New Personnel Forms on the HSBC HR Website!
    • Test Your Knowledge! University Ombuds, Office of Equity & Inclusion, and Office of Human Resources
    • OSU ID Cards for Temporary and Academic Wage Employees
    • Reference Letter Functionality in Online Recruitment System
    • Graystone Group Advertising
  • August
    • Congratulations to two HSBC HR Team Members
    • Upcoming Fall Staff Fee Privilege (Tuition Reduction) Deadlines
    • Reminder-Zonal Parking Starts Fall 2014
    • Student Recruitment Update
    • Supervisor/Manager Training
    • Inside Higher Ed Contract Extension
  • October
    • Newsletter Changes
    • HSBC Welcomes New Member to the HR Team
    • 2015 Open Enrollment
    • International Travel Registration & Pre-Approval
    • Grant Reporting and Reimbursement System (GRRS)
    • Hiring? Start Early - Plan Ahead - Communicate
    • Payroll Certification-Supervisor Responsibilites
  • November
    • Additional Day of Paid Leave
    • Reference Checking and CHC/Motor Vehicle History Checks
    • Timely Notification of Student Job Ending
    • Timesheet Approvals
    • Exceptions in EmpCenter
    • ID Cards for Temporary Employees
    • Winterfest
  • December
    • Posting Student Jobs
    • Can I Sign This?
    • December 26 Closure
    • Payday December 31
    • New Student Pay Rates

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