Oregon State University ~ Shared Responsibility Budget Model

OSU’s process for the allocation of the Corvallis-campus Education and General budget has developed over many years through the addition of new kinds of revenues, incentives, and distribution models. There is consensus that the budget process should change.

 The goals of this shared responsibility budget process are to:

  • Align the budget allocation process to support and advance the three goals of the University’s strategic plan
  • Recognize the diverse academic missions of OSU’s colleges and centers
  • Promote interdisciplinary and collaborative teaching, research, and outreach, and further OSU’s culture of collaboration and cooperation
  • Make sure the University is financially sound and can make the long-term investments required for success

The new budget process should:

  • Link budget clearly to the programs and results delivered by academic units
  • Be transparent and consultative, understandable by all members of the University community, and consistent with OSU’s commitment to shared governance
  • Recognize that success in teaching, research, and outreach requires strong service, support, and facilities services
  • Encourage financial decision making and entrepreneurship at the local level to align decisions with OSU’s strategic goals
  • Be equitable and predictable, allowing unit leadership to plan for the future
  • Keep the university and all of its components financially healthy
  • Define clear responsibilities for where different kinds of costs are managed so that decisions are made at the appropriate level
  • Use metrics that are accurate, easy to understand, and easy to measure for all units, and provide information and processes that help units manage their resources and advance their mission

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