Oregon State University

2017-2018 Tuition & Mandatory Fee Recommendations

The University Budget Committee (UBC), including student representatives from Corvallis and Cascades and input from the Student Budget Advisory Council (SBAC) has reviewed the tuition and mandatory fee rates for Oregon State University and recommends the changes included in the Tuition & Fee Recommendations for 2017-2018. Summer rates recommended are for summer term, 2018. A review of frequently asked questions are provided.

Welcome to the Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning

The Budget Office...

  • Prepares and allocates OSU's Education & General Funds Budget
  • Provides collaborative budgetary assistance for all administrative, academic, research & public services units

  • Prepares and distributes financial statements and reports

  • Is home to the Business Intelligence Center

The Budget Office enables informed decisions and promotes sound use of public resources. This is accomplished through operational budgeting, which aligns with the mission and goals of Oregon State University.