Office of Business Affairs

Name Title Telephone
Michael Green Associate Vice President for Finance & Administration
Brigitte Graham Executive Assistant 541-737-9275
Jan Lewis Interim Associate Vice President for Finance & Administration and Controller 541-737-4506
Kelly Kozisek Chief Procurement Officer 541-737-2067
Lissa Perrone Director of Business Affairs 541-737-6127
Mark Fryman Director for Financial Accounting & Analysis 541-737-0624
Patty Deluca Systems Development Manager 541-737-0651
Rhonda Thomassen Executive Support Specialist 541-737-8827

Student Finance - Service, Accounting, & Reporting

Name Title Telephone Responsibility
Vacant Bursar   Policy, Compliance, & Advising
George Windom Manager, Systems and Accounting 541-737-0643 Policy, Compliance, & Advising
Jon Bickler Manager, Service and Perkins Loans 541-737-0639 Policy, Compliance, & Advising
Karen Ahonen Program Representative 541-737-0640 Student Accounts & Perkins Loans
Greg Balck Program Representative 541-737-3204 Account Holds, Payments, & Past Due Advising
Pam McPartlin Program Representative 541-737-3645 Student Accounts & Staff Tuition
Edith Becerra Program Representative 541-737-0645 Student Accounts & Outside Scholarships
Vacant Program Representative   Student Accounts & Outside Scholarships
Vacant Program Representative 541-737-0644 Third Party & Sponsor Billing
Vacant Program Representative 541-737-0638 Third Party & Sponsor Billing

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Cashier's Office

Name Title Telephone Responsibility
Janice Lee-Virnig Cashiers Operations Manager 541-737-4109 Policy, Compliance, & Training
Charlotte Hughbank Accountant 541-737-5862 Outgoing Wires & Change Orders
Zeah Seeber Accountant 541-737-0617 Student & Departmental Deposits
Ashley Brown Cashier 541-737-0554 Student & Departmental Deposits
Susan Normandin Cashier 541-737-0619 Deposits & Change Funds
Kirsten Bradford Cashier 541-737-0618 Student & Departmental Deposits

Send Emailto Cashiers. Phone: (541) 737-2597

ID Center

Name Title Telephone Responsibility
Dale Simpson Manager 541-737-0555 Policy, Compliance, & Training
Robert Monasky Information Technology Consultant 541-737-0557 Hardware & Software Support
Jeff Gessert Management Analyst 541-737-0515 Process and business development & analysis, card maintenance and support.

 Send Email to the ID Center. Phone: (541) 737-2493

Financial Accounting & Analysis

Name Title Telephone Responsibility
Mark Fryman Assistant Director 541-737-0624 Fee Committee, FOAPA chart, F&A Rate, OUS liaison, FIS Policy approval, Internal Control, Audits
Doug Botkin Financial Reporting Manager 541-737-1186 Financial and Internal Management Reporting, Strategic Modeling and Analysis, Debt Management

Alex Sims

Manager for Vendor Payment Operations 541-737-9370 FIS Group, QAP, Month-End and Year-End Coordination, JV and Invoice Approvals, Approval Queue Maintenance, OSUF liaison
Charlotte Rooks Manager for Analytical Operations 541-737-5422 F&A Rate, Online Fees, JV and Invoice Approvals, FIS and PRO Policy updates, FOAPA committee
Mary Page Office Specialist 2 541-737-0623 Vendor Maintenance
Holly Holloway Office Specialist 2 541-737-0653 Vendor Maintenance
Kim Jenkins Fiscal Coordinator 2 541-737-3792 BAFF Budget, FUPLOADS, INTO, Inter-Institutional JVs, JV Approvals
Stephanie Smith Fiscal Coordinator 2 541-737-1825 Travel Policy, Moving, Advances, JV and Invoice Approvals, Airfare authorization, Student Group Travel Card Processing
Lane Byrnes Accountant 1 541-737-0635 AutoPay Vendor Processing, One Time Vendor Processing, Communication Allowance Processing, Invoice, PO, and Encumbrance issues.
Rae Lee Aguilar Fiscal Coordinator 2 541-737-6047 Assessments, Plant Funds, Fixed Asset support, F&A Rate, Fee Book Support
Nancy Boedigheimer Fixed Asset Property Manager 541-737-7601 Asset acquisitions, Inventory Management, Federal asset monitoring
Amy Donnelly Fixed Asset Property Coordinator 541-737-4084 Asset acquisitions, Inventory Management, Federal asset monitoring
Rose Hamilton PCard Program Administrator 541-737-0650 Purchasing Cards (PCards), Corporate Travel Cards
Norma Cardona Fiscal Coordinator 1 541-737-0637 Payment Cancellations, Invoices Approvals, Wire transfers, NRA Payments, 1099-MISC Processing, AP Check Run processing
Cindy Draper Quality Assurance Manager 541-737-1197 Quality Assurance Program development and implementation

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Project, Improvement, & Technology Crew

Name Title Telephone
Project, Improvement, & Technology Crew Work Orders, eCommerce, FIS Access, Business Affairs Website, Process Analysis, Form Design, Workflow  
Dan Hough Supervisor - Project and Business Analyst 541-737-2935
Robin Whitlock Project and Business Analyst 541-737-0622

Matt Stoye

Management Analyst 541-737-0654

Daniel Heidemeyer

Management Analyst 541-737-1616


Name Title Telephone Responsibility
Steve Nash Payroll Manager 541-737-9491 Payroll Policy, Compliance & Education
Susan Hall Assistant Payroll Manager 541-737-8610 Payroll Accounting
Payroll Expense and Encumbrance Posting
System and Fund Reconciliation
Dina Whitfield Student & Temp. Pay Specialist 541-737-0576 Student Pay
Temporary Pay
Traci Yates HRIS Analyst 541-737-3770 International Employees
Payroll Processing
Fund Reconciliation
Jerie Thorson Administrative Program Specialist 541-737-0574 Faculty Salary & Academic Wage
9/12 Deferred Pay
Kristi Rietz HRIS Analyst 541-737-8611 EmpCenter Administration
Payroll Processing
OSCAR & Nolij
Christine Bolf Payroll Receptionst 541-737-0575 Check Delivery's
General Questions
Morgan Lycett Payroll Accountant 541-737-0577 Classified Pay
Fund Reconciliations
Jessica Dickason Payroll Accountant 541-737-0573

Graduate Pay
Fee Remissions

Procurement, Contracts, and Materials Management (PCMM)

Name Title Telephone Area
Kelly Kozisek Chief Procurement Officer 541-737-2067 PCMM
Christine Atwood Administrative & Diversity Manager 541-737-4211 PCMM
Tricia Leman Office Specialist 2 541-737-4261 PCMM
Rachel Peterson Administrative Program Specialist 541-737-3571 PCMM
Tamara Gash Assistant Procurement Director 541-737-8044 Procurement and Contract Services 
Cynthia Sprenger e-Procurement Manager 541-737-4956 Procurement
Amy Grainger System Layer Administrator 541-737-1705 Procurement
Heather Wyland Procurement Manager  541-737-7349  Procurement 
Joshua Dodson  Procurement Contract Officer 541-737-3572 Procurement
Deanne Lahaie-Noll Procurement Contract Officer 541-737-1150 Procurement

Ben Baggett

Procurement Contract Officer


Katie Lanker Contract Services Manager 541-737-3905 Contract Services
Joe Elwood Contract Officer 541-737-6994 Contract Services
Mindy Berger Contracts and Operations Specialist 541-737-3301 Contract Services
Michele Andersen  Purchasing Analyst 1 541-737-3667 Procurement
Debora Lauer Purchasing Analyst 2 541-737-7343 Procurement
Donna Cain Purchasing Analyst 3 541-737-3423 Procurement
Shannon Fanourakis Purchasing Analyst 3 541-737-6995 Procurement
Jennifer Koehne Purchasing Analyst 3 541-737-7353 Procurement
Rae DeLay Materials Management Manager 541-737-7341 Materials Management
John Deuel Recycling Program Manager  541-737-2856  Recycling 
Bil Burton Equipment Systems Specialist  541-737-7347  Surplus 
Andrea Norris Marketing & Development Coordinator 541-737-5398 Materials Management
Steve Schofield Property Specialist 3 541-737-2851 Surplus
Gary Boulton Warehouse Coordinator 541-737-7347 Surplus
Tom Radel Online Sales & Moves Coordinator 541-737-2492 Surplus
Miranda Cooley Property Specialist 3 541-737-7347 Surplus
Vacant Construction Contract Manager Phone

Construction Contract Administration

Brooke Davison Construction Contract Officer 541-737-7342 Construction Contract Administration
Kelly Oar Construction Purchasing Analyst 3 541-737-4672 Construction Contract Administration