Important Dates

Summer Term

June 12 Sunday Tuition charges posted to account for all summer sections
June 20 Monday First day of classes
July 5 Tuesday First bill of the term
August 1 Monday Student account bill due

Special Services

June 13 Monday Emergency loans become available                        
June 20 Monday Staff tuition discount form due


June 20th - July 1st No credit balance/aid refunds (due to year-end processing)
Address update each move
Bills issued on the 5th of every month for any amount due

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2015-2016 OSU Student Accounts Calendar

Billing Information

All billing for currently enrolled students is processed electronically through eBill. eBill statements are processed on the 5th of each month for students who have current activity resulting in an account balance or credit. Students are sent an email to their ONID email account when their statement is ready to view and can then view their eBill statement online at

Unpaid balances as of the 1st of the month following the eBill statement are considered past due, and will be assessed interest at the rate of 1% per month (12% APR).  Students are financially responsible for all courses for which they register. Students are responsible for paying fees by the deadline even if they do not receive a bill.


Bill Payment Information


The easiest method for payment is with an eCheck at Students can view and print their bills, make payments online, and establish third parties as Authorized Users who can do the same. For helpful information regarding the myBill payment application, please read the myBill Guide.

Personal checks, money orders, cash

Only checks and cash are accepted when paying in person at the Cashiers windows.

Checks can be mailed to: OSU Cashier Office, P.O. Box 1086, Corvallis, OR 97339 .

Please include the student ID number on the check. Never disclose your SSN.

Credit card

Credit card payments are accepted through student online services, student account information. Credit cards are not accepted at the Cashiers windows. Credit card payments cannot be made over the phone.

Financial Aid Refunds

Students are eligible to receive a financial aid refund when their financial aid/scholarships exceed the allowable charges their student account. We say allowable charges because federal financial aid funds are restricted in what they can cover. Federal financial aid can only be applied directly to what are termed as "institutional charges". This includes items such as tuition/fees and on campus housing charges. Other items such as parking permits, printing charges etc. cannot be paid directly by federal financial aid funds. Even if a student receives a financial aid refund they should still be checking their student account and monthly eBill statements as they still may owe a balance on their student account.

Receiving Your Refund:

Students who have enrolled in Direct Deposit, and are eligible for a refund, will receive their refund electronically on the first day of the term during fall, winter, and spring. If students are not enrolled in direct deposit, a paper check will be mailed on the first day of fall, winter, and spring terms to their current mailing address. During summer term, Financial Aid will not be released until July 1st.

Direct Deposit: The preferred method of refund processing is electronically by direct deposit. Direct deposit is the electronic transfer of funds into a checking or savings account. It is the safest and most efficient way to receive a refund.

After enrolling in direct deposit, students must update their direct deposit enrollment information whenever their banking information changes.

Students can sign up for Direct Deposit online through Student Online Services or download the form to be returned to the Financial Aid Office or the Cashiers Office. For more help, view the tutorial.

Paper Check: If not enrolled in direct deposit, a check is mailed to the student's Current Mailing address. This address can be changed at Student Online Services.

For more information, please see the Financial Aid Refund Policy.