Welcome to our Site Help page for Students. We hope these links help you quickly get to the information you need. If you are unable to find the information you need or would like personal or immediate assistance, please feel free to email or call our offices directly at any time.


Capital Planning and Development Quick Contact Info:

Capital Planning and Development's main Number:  541-737-5412

Direct email for construction-related comments and inquiries:  Construction.Questions@oregonstate.edu

Direct email for Space Use-related comments and inquiries: SpaceManagement@oregonstate.edu 

Direct email for Land Use Planning-related comments and inquiries:  campusplanning@oregonstate.edu

Direct email for construction-related closure comments and inquiries:  campus.notifications@oregonstate.edu


Student Worker and Learning Opportunities Info:

Capital Planning and Development values the opportunity to provide teaching and applied learning opportunities for our OSU students. In addition to the student worker and student intern opportunities in the various units, CPD staff have supported unique learning opportunities outside the department.

If you are interested in student worker opportunities, contact Keahi at 541-737-5412

If you are interested in speaking with our construction managers about information on a school project or report, contact Lori Fulton at 541-737-4625


Construction-Related Closures Info:

Due to the sheer volume of construction and renovation projects on campus, there are occasional road, sidewalk, parking lot, building or space closures, detours or utility shutdowns.

To view construction-related closures on campus, visit OSU Campus Closures, Shutdowns and Detours

If you have a specific question about a closure, detour or shutdown, please contact us 541-737-5412 or message us at construction.questions@oregonstate.edu.


OSU Sign Plan and Sign Requests:

View OSU Sign Plan information.  OSU’s sign policies follow the City of Corvallis Land Development Code, Corvallis Sign Regulations, Chapter 4.7 and are governed by the 2004-2015 OSU Campus Master Plan. All signs and sign structures must comply with the standards identified in the OSU Sign Plan.  

Submit a Temporary Sign Request


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