The Oregon State University Sustainability Office is housed in the Capital Planning and Development department of the Finance and Administration division.

The Sustainability Office was formed by the creation of a full time sustainability coordinator position in November 2005. In December 2007, an additional half-time position was created primarily to support the collection and management of campus utility data. In November 2008, the half-time position was moved to a permanent full time position and duties expanded to focus on energy conservation efforts.

The OSU Sustainability Office within Capital Planning and Development continues to steward numerous successful programs and initiatives and to foster collaborative efforts across the campus and the community to advance sustainability efforts.  One key element of this effort is student involvement and engagement.  In addition to providing direction and support to the Student Sustainability Initiative, the OSU Sustainability Office has a very engaged and active student staff.  Generally, our students stay for over a year (up to 3) and go on to jobs in engineering, social media, and most frequently project management.  Typically there are five student employees that work within the Sustainability Office, but we also have 3-4 students who serve as Eco-reps in their residence halls.

The Sustainability Office exists to - in the most sustainable way possible - support OSU’s mission to promote economic, social, cultural and environmental progress for the people of Oregon, the nation and the world. The Sustainability Office fosters a culture of sustainability, enhances student competency around issues of sustainability, reduces the university’s overall environmental impact and communicates sustainability efforts to the campus community and external audiences. It aims to offer the highest quality of services to the OSU campus in its four functional areas

  • Infrastructure and Policy
  • Outreach and Communication
  • Assessment
  • Student Engagement and Academic Support

Mirroring the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability, many projects and initiatives overlap multiple functional areas. Several projects and programs detailed on this website are managed or directly supported by the Office, while others are partnerships with other OSU units.