See what OSU Lean Teams are improving...

We have trained a group of employees to be Lean Facilitators; they are currently leading a variety of University-wide and departmental improvement projects.


Active Projects


Business Center HR Process Change

Improve coordination with stakeholders across campus when changes to Human Resources processes and policies are proposed and implemented.

Fiscal Policy Creation and Maintenance Framework

Develop an effective and efficient framework for fiscal policy creation, refinement and communication, while engaging with the University community to find a balance between compliance and customer needs.

Grant Processes and Services

Improve service to PIs and appropriately mitigate risk to the University and grant funds by streamlining grant administration processes, reducing redundancy, and ensuring timeliness of service and compliance.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Process

Improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of the Institutional Review Board processes and customer service.

Integrated Construction Planning Process Improvement Task Force

Integrate and align capital planning, financing, budgeting and contracting functions through identification of best practices for capital projects at OSU. Enhance communication across all units and the university community for project understanding and transparency.

Payroll Processing

Streamline the payroll process for hourly employees, from the end of pay periods through pay issuance, to make it more convenient for users, and ensure accurate payment.

Summer Appointments for 9/10-month Employees

Implement an efficient and timely process for hiring 9/10-month employees into summer appointments to provide increased clarity and guidance for supervisors and employees.

Monitored Projects  Goal

Employee Records Terminations

Develop effective processes to ensure timely employee record termination in Banner and EmpCenter, resulting in improved accuracy of the supervisor’s employee list in EmpCenter, reduced system costs and unnecessary risk, and ability to efficiently re-activate records in support of hiring managers. This project is in the monitoring and assessment phase.

Finance Systems Access

Develop an efficient process in which new employees (and employees changing jobs) are authorized to access the necessary finance systems required to perform the duties of their position, so users can be productive more quickly. The project is in the monitoring and assessment phase.

Initiating Recruitments

Ensure efficient processing and timely posting of standard, up-to-date position recruitments. The Rapid Recruit web tool is available online. Project is in the monitoring and assessment phase.

New Employee Onboarding

Enhance the onboarding experience for new faculty and staff by providing a coordinated, consistent, comprehensive and welcoming process for orienting new employees to OSU.  The New Employee Onboarding project is in the monitoring and assessment phase.