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The Recruitment and Selection Lean Process Improvement Team unveiled the Rapid Recruit Web Tool on February 3, 2015. It enables all departments and units across OSU to quickly and easily initiate recruitment requests within the Online Recruiting System through an easy automated process. This innovative electronic form saves time for hiring units. Processing time from submission to posting by the Business Center HR team will now be as fast as two days!


How does it work?

  • The Rapid Recruit Web Tool can be used for academic teaching/research, administrative and professional faculty, and classified staff recruitments that have had a position description updated or established within 12 months prior to posting.
  • This automated recruitment initiation form includes user-friendly fields that make it quick and easy to provide necessary information.   
  • Helpful links provide strategies and examples to assist with recruitment efforts.   
  • An integrated upload feature makes it easy to attach organizational charts, draft position announcements, and any required budgetary documents for streamlined review.
  • Automated routing directs submitted recruitment forms to your Business Center Human Resource Team for review and further action.


When and how do I access and start using the Rapid Recruit Web Tool?

The Rapid Recruit Web Tool is available now! It can be accessed on the Office of Human Resources website.  


Where can I find more information about the new tool?

For more information and assistance with the Rapid Recruit Web Tool, please contact your Business Center Human Resources team: