Crime Prevention Presentations
  • Personal Safety Talks: We will meet with student, faculty or staff groups to discuss concerns about crimes on and around campus. We can show you basic precautions that may help to reduce your chances of being victimized.
  • Bicycle Registration (PDF Form): The Department of Public Safety will register your bike for free. When we arrest a thief with your bike this record will enable us to identify you as the owner and get your property back to you.
  • Alcohol Abuse/Awareness: Officers from the Oregon State Police will present educational talks on the negative effects of alcohol abuse. These presentations include photographic slides of vehicle accidents where alcohol was a contributing factor, not for the timid.
  • Patrol and Enforcement: Officers with the Department of Public Safety and Oregon State Police patrol campus buildings and grounds continuously in an effort to deter criminal acts and to apprehend those who will not be detered.