Waste Watchers team with the RecycleMania trophyIf you are interested in exercising and expanding your leadership abilities, then you might be interested in one of the lead positions offered to Waste Watchers. Read on to find your best fit!

Positions Offered during the 2016-17 School Year:

Program Leader

Responsible for serving as the main coordinator of a program or event, or an aspect of either. These roles are typically announced at the beginning of each term; the duties and duration varies. Speak to a Waste Watcher coordinator to learn what is currently available.

2016-17 Leaders:

Emily Skelton

Emily Skelton, Membership Chair

Responsible for maintaining the Waste Watcher database - at minimum of every other week - by tracking meeting attendance, personal information and contact info, and greeting new members who attend meetings after beginning of Fall term.

Callie Limbaugh

Callie Limbaugh, Recruitment Chair

Responsible for recruiting new volunteers to join the team and/or fill specific volunteer needs. This role will bring a recruitment perspective to WW meetings, be provided and/or set recruitment goals to reach each term, and maintain familiarity with general and current involvement opportunities with the group.

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Jean McKnight, Social Chair

Responsible for planning and coordinating funsies (i.e. fun group activities) for the team. Includes planning funsies after most weekly meetings as well as three outside-of-meeting gatherings per term.

Shannon Ritz

Shannon Ritz, Repair Fair Chair

Responsible for taking a lead role in planning Repair Fairs throughout the year, including recruiting repair and support volunteers, determining demos, and coordinating marketing for the event. The Repair Fair Chair may choose to alternate between each of these lead roles, or retain the same role throughout the year. This role will work with WW members and coordinators, and will attend a portion of the coordinator meeting prior to each weekly meeting.

Waste Watcher Coordinators

Kaya Reed ("Reedcycler"), Jasen Phillips ("JPhill") and Andrea Norris ("Dre")

Coordinators Kyle Reed, Jasen Phillips, and Andrea Norris

 Contact the coordinators via email.

Have an idea?

If you are interested in leadership, but would like to focus on a different facet of waste reduction or group dynamics, then talk to us about creating a new position in the Waste Watchers!

How to Sign-Up:

Stop by during one of our weekly meetings and speak with a Waste Watcher coordinator, or email Andrea Norris with information on which role you would like to fill.

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