How To Recycle It at OSU

instructional graphic for paper recycling



How to Recycle

  • Computer paper of any color
  • Envelopes with windows and paper folders
  • Barometer and other newspapers
  • Glossy paper magazines, ad inserts, etc.
  • Paperboard (heavy, non-corrugated paper such as cereal boxes)
  • Whole books and bound notebooks (NO binders)
  • Brown bags
  • Butcher paper
  • White/gray/brown paper packing material
  • Paper egg cartons

Instructions: Place in the nearest bagstand. Staples, paperclips, and small amounts of tape are acceptable. Books do not need to be altered and spirals can stay on notebooks.

Please contain shredded paper in a paper bag or box, mark 'recycle', and place next to the bagstand.

NOT in this bin: Place cardboard in outdoor cardboard cages.

NOT recyclable: cartons and aseptic containers, coffee/soda paper cups (learn why in this video), napkins, paper towels, paper plates

Confidential Papers
  • Papers with confidential/sensitive information

Instructions: Place in nearest confidential cart if you have one, or pack in box, mark 'to be shredded', and request pickup.

Fees apply. Read more on our Confidential Records page.

Paper recycling signDownload the wall sign for paper recycling

If you work for an OSU department and would like to request more bins, please see our service request form.

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