How to Recycle It in Residence Halls

instructional graphic for commingled recycling

UPDATE: In January 2018, our recycling hauler Republic Services announced they no longer accept cartons (such as for milk, broth, or juice) in our recycling stream.


What to do:


  • Cans
  • Foil
  • Lids
  • Mint tins
  • Aerosol

Bin: Commingled Bins
Empty/rinse & place in nearest bin. Loosely ball up foil (learn more about foil recycling this video). Empty aerosol cans acceptable if contained non-hazardous material. Metals lids 2 inches or greater across may be recycled; smaller lids are not recyclable unless collected in a metal can (learn more in this video). NO food contamination, please.

  • Computer paper (all colors)
  • Envelopes, folders
  • Newspaper, magazines
  • Paperboard (heavy paper is not corrugated)
  • Brown paper bags, packing paper
  • Paper egg cartons
  • Books, notebooks

Bin: Commingled Bin
Instructions: Place in the nearest bagstand. Staples, paperclips, & small amounts of tape are acceptable. Remove binding and covers from books and notebooks. Do NOT place paper in cardboard cages, please. Put shredded paper in a paper bag to keep it contained. NO napkins, paper towels, paper plates or coffee cups (learn why coffee cups are not recyclable in this video), please.


  • Bottles
  • Tubs
  • Jugs
  • Jars

Bin: Commingled Bins
Instructions: Learn more about what plastics are recyclable in this video. Empty/rinse & place in nearest bin. Only flip-off lids on tubs are recyclable; all screw-on plastic lids are trash (learn more in this video). NO food contamination, plastic bags or wrap, plastic to-go containers, coffee cups, plates, flatware, please.

Commingled recycling signDownload the wall sign for commingled recycling

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