What are Confidential Records?

Confidential materials are records that contain confidential information elements such as social security numbers, home addresses, and other personal privacy information.

If university records contain confidential information, their removal from the office and their destruction must receive special care. OAR 166-30-060(2) stipulates that "Records which are confidential by law . . . must be destroyed by shredding, pulping, or incineration."

How to Dispose of Your Confidential Records

shredded paper

In order to make the destruction of confidential records both convenient and reliable, the Oregon State University Campus Recycling Program provides services for departments needing to destroy paper records or microforms, which contain information that may be confidential.

Current fee: $0.30 per pound

You can collect your confidential materials in one of two ways: pack it into boxes or request a cart to remain in your office.

Using Boxes (One-Time Collection):

Pack into a photocopy paper box, a box with a lid the size of a photocopy paper box or a records storage/pulping box, which can be purchased from office supply companies or bought used from Campus Recycling for $0.50 each. Because the boxes will be reused, please apply no or little tape to them. Please do not overfill the boxes or use oversized boxes.

Each box should be labeled with the following information:

  • Office name
  • Name and telephone number of a contact person
  • Index to be charged

Request boxes or a pickup using our Online Service Request Form.

Using Roll Carts (For Continuous Collection):confidential cart

For offices that continuously generate confidential material, Campus Recycling also has locking 30 gallon roll carts available to place in department offices. These are not serviced on a regular schedule like your other recycling; rather they are serviced when you notify us they are full. Use our Online Service Request Form to request a bin or pickup.

For More Information:

If you have questions about the OSU confidential records destruction program, please contact us.