Much of the solid waste generated at OSU is recyclable and should be placed in proper receptacles. This includes specific Containers and all PaperCardboard and Special Recyclables.

While we focus on waste reduction, particularly reuse and recycling, there will always be some items that must be send to the landfill as trash.

Exterior dumpsters are serviced by Campus Recycling on a weekly basis. Pick-up times vary; view the schedule to see when your building is serviced. Note that we do not service trash containers inside of buildings, which are handled by Facilities Services.

Service fees may apply. 

Not Accepted in the Trash

Along with recyclable items, there are other materials that can not be placed in the trash. This includes:

Any property owned by the university; departments must go through Surplus Property to dispose any OSU owned property and equipment.

Material that is considered hazardous by Coffun Butte Landfil or Environmental Health and Safety. Contact EHS for proper disposal. Examples include:

  • Fluorescent or HID tubes
  • Any Flammable, corrosive, or reactive wastes
  • Free liquid (more than 25 gallons per load)
  • Whole tires
  • Electrical switches containing arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, selenium, or silver
  • All medical, biological, pathological, and pharmaceutical wastes and sharps
  • Petroleum contaminated material including soil, asphalt, concrete, and wood waste
  • Toxic wastes (by TCLP test)
  • Used motor oil
  • Large metal-jacketed appliances
  • Electrical transformers, ballasts capacitors, or pumps containing PCB liquids
  • Enclosed containers that have not been triple-rinsed, crushed, or cut open
  • Asbestos (without prior approval and appointment)

Questions about odd or unusual items? Please contact us.