Utility Dashboard

OSU has partnered with Lucid Design Group to provide real time utility data access to the OSU community via utility storyboards.  Utility storyboards provide a structure to transform building operations data into performance improvements that enhance sustainability and efficiency. By leveraging the real-time utility data, analytics, reports, and graphic solutions that the storyboards provide, OSU is able to:

  • Better diagnose building mechanical systems
  • Improve support for conservation awareness campaigns like electricity reduction competitions
  • Verify and justify continuing investment in energy efficiency projects
  • Improve transparency for billing and financial purposes.

If you’d like access to the analytical tools within our Lucid dashboard, please contact us.

The first phase of this project includes 28 OSU buildings as seen below or at this link. The long-term goal is to include all utilities on the storyboards for all OSU buildings. 


Metering Equipment

Utility metering at OSU is accomplished in several ways and includes a wide variety of technologies.  Over the past few years, and continuing in the next few, efforts are being made to standardize data collection across all utilities and improve monitoring capabilities. Primarily, the goal is to have equipment that feeds into the utility dashboard above.  This is a large undertaking but is part of strategic efforts to improve data access and troubleshooting capacity, thereby reducing utility consumption.

L&G Electricity Meter