During the Challenge month, participants are encouraged to attend three exciting campus-wide events. These events are intended to promote diverse ways of understanding climate change.

Carbon Challenge Celebration

5-7 p.m. April 29th

Location: Student Sustainability Center

This event is for participants of the Campus Carbon Challenge. Come celebrate our achievements! This celebration gives participants a chance to socialize with others, learn about our experiences with the challenge, and have FUN!

FREE FOOD and LIVE MUSIC provided!

Save Evergy, Save Money! 


12 - 1 P.M. March 31st

Native American Longhouse

Learn about financial incentives for energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction. Free food, demos, first steps, and resources provided! Outside expert Carly Lettero from the Corvallis Environmental Center will be educating us all on incentives on the city, state, and federal level. For instance, did you know the Corvallis weatherization covers up to 75% of the cost of upgrades up to $500.00?

Learn more at Energize Corvallis.

FREE Deep Green Screening

7 P.M. April 1st

MU Journey Room

This documentary offers very useful and hopeful information about what you can do to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. “We can solve this” is the premise of the film, which is realistic call to ad­dress the ecological issues facing the planet as a result of human activity. While green technology is one major area the film addresses, it also acknowledges we as individuals have a moral responsibility to be better stewards to the Earth. For more information about the Oregon Based film check out the trailer

Change Habits, Cut CO2 Emissions

Click here for the slideshow from the presentation

(Rentals and Res. Halls)

6 - 7 P.M. April 7th

MU Journey Room

Learn to lower your carbon emissions through simple changes. Food, demos, and resources provided!

This presentation will be a great resource for students interested in reducing their energy use! Experts from the university and community will go over ways to save energy in your dorm or apartment, while on the road, and when making purchasing choices. The presentation is intended to be comprehensive, so you don't want to miss it!