Can't find a specific course you believe should be on the Sustainability Course List? Lets us know. We rely on feedback from the community to help build these lists.

There are two ways in which courses are listed:

Sustainability‐focused courses are built around and concentrate on the concept of sustainability, including its social, economic, and environmental dimensions, or examine an issue or topic using sustainability as a lens throughout the course. Sustainability-focused courses incorporate principles of sustainability more intensely than sustainability-related courses.

Sustainability‐related courses incorporate sustainability as a distinct course component or module, or concentrate on a single sustainability principle or issue. Sustainability-related courses incorporate principles of sustainability less intensely than sustainability-focused courses.

If a course is "sustainability-focused" it is automatically considered "sustainability-related" but courses will not appear on both lists.

To learn more about the criteria used to list courses, please see pages 32-44 of the STARS Technical Manual (pdf).


To request that a course be added to a list, please complete this form.

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For 09/10 and 10/11, please submit completed forms by Feb.26, 2010.