While the differences in scale of remodeling an office and constructing a new building are vast, the process remains relatively unchanged. Bids are made, contracts are awarded and construction standards are followed. This page will reveal the construction process and the standards behind them.

Construction Process

The Facilities Services Design and Construction team created a workflow diagram outlining their construction process. While smaller projects may not be subject to the level of oversight listed here, the general process is similar. The earlier that green building and sustainability goals are brought into the process, the more likely it is that these objectives will be realized.

Construction Standards

The centralized source for construction standards applied to campus is the Facilities Services Design Criteria. These criteria should be consulted before a project, of any size, is intitiated. Below are criteria highlights for commonly-occuring projects on campus.

The Department of Administrative Services also plays a role in new building construction. In November 2004, DAS issued updated Sustainable Facilities Standards and Guidelines (pdf). These guidelines require all new construction and renovation of state buildings to meet US Green Building Council's LEED Silver equivalents.

Carpet and Floor Coverings

  • Low VOC adhesives will be used for flooring installation.
  • Products manufactured overseas shall be tested by OSU Environmental Health & Safety for asbestos prior to installation.
  • Vinyl composition tile or linoleum (Marmoleum preferred) are to be used in all public areas on campus.
  • Carpet tiles are to be used where carpet is necessary and/or requested.

For more information on carpet and floor coverings, please contact the Sustainability Office.


  • All paint must be lead-free.
  • All products must conform to OSHA and ANSI specifications.
  • There are distinct codes for the paint that colors our campus orange and black; see the design criteria for the specifics.