All maintenance efforts cannot be fully described here, but in general as upgrades occur, higher efficiency equipment and sustainable principles are applied in many cases as part of daily work. To report a maintenance need or request service, please contact the Work Coordination Center at 737-2969.

Memorial Union

The MU has taken a wide variety of steps to be greener, including energy conservation, food waste management, and many other things. For more information, contact Sid Cooper.


Green Cleaning and Custodial

Until summer 2008, Aramark had been OSU's contracted custodial service. They predominantly used environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. With the new custodial contractor, GCA, some of these practices remain the same, but check this site for more information in the near future. Past efforts include:

  • reducing everyday cleaning chemicals from 7 to the 3: an all purpose cleaner, a sanitizer, and a neutral floor cleaner
  • using portion control dispensers and new cleansing and rolling equipment to reduce chemical use, improve resource efficiency and worker safety while reducing cost and spillage
  • converting to a washable microfiber flat mop, eliminating the 50 lb. bucket and reducing wastewater, cleaning solutions and bacteria substrate
  • using vacuum units Green Seal Certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute
Rather than traditional floor wax, Aramark applied a polymer based finish which, with proper maintenance, does not need seasonal stripping and reapplication. Wax strippers are very caustic and when mixed with old finish, form undesirable waste products. A less toxic product can be used to routinely maintain the floor.

Paint Shop Uses The Natural Step Framework

The Oregon Natural Step Network, working directly with the Paint Shop crew, completed a Natural Step (TNS) back-casting exercise in April 2005 to formulate a strategic plan for the Shop. The plan provides specific long-term planning and identifies and ranks short-term actions. Check the link above for more detail.