We can't do it alone!

Through OSU's Sustainability Advocate program, faculty and staff pledge to act as sustainability contacts within their campus unit by sharing information and training opportunities, networking with fellow Advocates, and promoting sustainability-related events within their unit.

Being an Advocate is a fun way to get engaged in a community of campus peers who are informed of and provide feedback on sustainability-related programs across campus. 

Advocates are asked to attend at least one quarterly gathering per year (lunch provided) with brief presentations and casual, facilitated discussions on sustainability-related issues like student engagement, policy developments and project funding. 

And we need your help!

Register to become a Sustainability Advocate

Or check in with the Advocate for your campus unit, listed below.  Advocates agree to attend at least one meeting per year and help connect the Advocate's unit with the OSU Sustainability Office and other core campus groups.  Completed forms should be sent to 130 Oak Creek Building, or scanned and emailed to us.

Resources and past meetings

As appropriate, we'll post information, references and other resources from past Sustainability Advocates meetings here.  We'll also post meeting minutes, when available.

Advocates List

Last Name First Name Dept./Unit Building Contact
Anderson Chris University Housing & Dining Services - OSU Catering Weatherford Hall 541-737-3058
Andersson Tanya Transit and Parking Services Adams Hall Email; 541-737-3046
Bird Karyn Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Magruder Hall Email; 541-737-9294
Blank Kevin Intercollegiate Athletics Gill Coliseum Email; 541-737-5977
Borradaile Glencora Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Kelley Engineering Email
Bowling Emily Student Leadership and Involvement Snell Hall Email; 541-737-7673
Bozza Marryann Hatfield Marine Science Center HMSC Email; 541-867-0234
Callender Bill Recreational Sports Dixon Recreation Center Email; 541-737-6827
Christion Myers Jen Student Sustainability Initiative Student Experience Center Email; 541-737-6938
Colwell Rick CEOAS Weniger Hall Email
Cotilla-Sanchez Eduardo Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Kelley Engineering Center Email
Cross Claire Extended Campus Valley Library Email; 541-737-3107
Cummings Noelle College of Business Austin Hall Email; 541-737-6053
Elliot Sally Business Affairs Kerr Administration Email
Friedrichsen Lucas Community Network Valley Library  
Fulton Lori Capital Planning and Development Oak Creek Building Email; 541-737-4625
Godell Sherrie University Housing & Dining Services Buxton Hall

Email; 541-737-6603

Gordon Jana College of Veterinary Medicine Magruder Hall Email
Hogue Theresa University Relations & Marketing Kerr Admin Email
Hussong-Christian Uta Library Experience and Engagement Valley Library Email; 541-737-7278
Lambeth Laura University Housing & Dining Services Housing & Dining Maintenance Center Email
Leen Ann Fisheries and Wildlife Nash Hall  
Lettero Carly
Environmental Humanities Initiative
Energize Corvallis Email
Merritt Terence Institutional Research Kerr Administration Email
Norris Andrea Campus Recycling, Surplus Property Property Services Email; 541-737-5398
Monasky Robert Business Affairs Kerr Administration Email; 541-737-0654
Rochefort Skip School of Chemical, Biological, & Environmental Engineering Gleeson Hall  
Romero Michelle


Agricultural & Life Sciences Building Email; 541-737-1770
Scheerer Ann Sustainability Double Degree Agricultural & Life Sciences Building Email; 541-737-5687
Schoppy Irene College of Forestry, Forest Ecosystems & Society Richardson Hall Email
Taylor Margaret INTO OSU University Plaza Email; 541-737-1138
Winograd Kenneth College of Education Furman Hall Email
Wolters Erika School of Public Policy Gilkey Hall Email

Updated Jan.27, 2017

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