The 2011 Oregon University System Conference was held at Oregon State University on Monday, February 28.  With around 220 in attendance, Conference organizers received many positive comments about Conference content, organization and overall success.

This and the other conference pages will stay in online for the near future as a record of the Conference and to serve as a platform for organizing similar events in the future. 


David Allaway one hour presentation on embodied emissions in purchased materials


Remarks of Dr. Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University (61 MB mp3)

Attendee Directory

The Attendee Directory (pdf) includes only attendees who indicated a preference to have their names listed.  A more detailed Directory with contact information is available to conference attendees only. Contact Brandon if you are a conference attendee and would like the detailed directory.


Slideshow tour of campus sustainability projects, played during lunch (67 MB pdf)

Speaker bio slideshow (4 MB pdf)

Session content

The content below was provided by session speakers and experts.  Not all session speakers provided material to conference organizers, and not all speakers used prepared material or presentations for their sessions. 

More presentation material will be posted here as it becomes available.

Analysis of Embodied Emissions in Purchased Materials (5 MB pptx)

Student Sustainability Projects

Climate Justice League, Drew Serres, OU (2 MB ppt)
FAT KOW and Bike Co-op, Katie Gaudin, OSU (322 KB pdf)
Take Back the Tap, Honoré Depew, PSU (14 MB pdf)

Purchasing Policies: Incentives and barriers for commonly purchased items

Kevin Lyons portion (3 MB pdf)
Alicia Culver portion (5 MB pdf) + EPP Factsheet (393 KB pdf)

Civic Engagement Part 1, Peg Boulay portion (4 MB ppt)

What's New in Waste Reduction (12 MB pdf)