On-Going Research Initiatives

OSU undertakes a number of campus-wide research initiatives to fulfill part of their core mission: to support a continuous search for new knowledge and solutions in advancing the science of sustainable earth ecosystems. OSU faculty, students, and researchers across departments are active in projects designed to create sustainable solutions and learn more about our impact on the planet. These initiatives are fulfilled through faculty research, coursework, and independent work.


The College of Engineering produces a number of research projects with a sustainability focus. From senior projects in CBEE to multi-college initiatives in the ATAMI lab, nearly every COE department has a hand in sustainable solutions. Learn more about them here.


Science and Forestry colleges at OSU often explore areas of research involving human impact on the planet, management of natural resources, and the use of these natural resources in enhancing current technologies and energy systems. Learn more about them here.


Terra demonstrates the meaning and impact of research and scholarship at Oregon's land grant university. They tell the stories of students and faculty who work with communities to protect public health, develop in harmony with the environment and build economic capacity. Read about the latest findings in energy, Earth systems, natural resources, health, the economy, the arts and the social sciences at OSU here.

Student Involvement

URSA Engage: Providing students with opportunities to pursue undergraduate research

Student Resources: OSU details the pathways in which students can pursue undergraduate research

OSU Research Agenda: Interested in the principles which lay the foundation for research at OSU? This page illustrates how OSU's research agenda stresses collaboration, relevance, and alignment with the university's Strategic Plan.



Institute for Natural Resources(INR): This science-based interdisciplinary institute aims at communicating emerging knowledge to decision-makers and the public.   

Sustainable Living Project: A research-based project offering thoughtful approaches to leading fulfilling, productive and environmentally responsible lives by balancing our economic, cultural and environmental needs.

Energy Information Administration: Examine detailed reports on national energy use broken up by type, time period, region, production amount, consumption, and cost. This site is loaded with information for those interested in energy statistics and issues (including political and social issues associated with Energy procurement and distribution)

National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Explore renewable energies research on the national level.

Keiwit Center for Infrastructure and Transportation: The Kiewit Center serves as the umbrella organization for almost all research within the School of Civil and Construction Engineering

Pacific Northwest University Transportation Center (PacTrans): OSU is a partner in PacTrans, a group that focuses on sustainable solutions for the diverse transportation needs of the Pacific Northwest.

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