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Tips for Everyone

Top 10 Ways to Save Energy on Campus

1. Set your computer to enter standby after 30 minutes and to turn off the monitor after 15 minutes. Use standby or turn off computers at night.

2. Request a building sustainability audit from the Sustainability Office

3. Turn off printers and other electrical equipment at night.  To further conserve electricity, unplug, or use power strips, to disconnect equipment and eliminate phantom loads.

4. In winter, layer clothing and avoid using inefficient space heaters. Keep thermostats at or below 68 degrees. In summer, use fans and wear light, breathable clothing. If you have AC, set it at 78 degrees or higher. Make sure windows are closed if you’re using either heat or AC.

5. Turn off lights in unoccupied areas. Contact the Sustainability Office if you are interested in using occupancy sensors or other lighting controls.

6. Use natural light and task lighting to focus energy where needed, and use compact fluorescent lamps instead of incandescents.

7. In the lab, turn off equipment when not in use (or use timers to do it for you); keep fume hood sashes at the indicated height when in use and closed when not in use.

8. Purchase ENERGY STAR® or EPEAT™-certified electronics and appliances.

9. Consider installing window films if you experience high temperatures from direct sunlight.  Blinds and shades help too.

10. Report areas of energy waste to the Sustainability Office.  Report to Facilities Services excessively hot (winter) or cold (summer) areas, broken thermostats and radiator valves, and areas where lights are too bright or too many.

Water-Saving Tips

Join your fellow Beavers in saving water with these easy tips!

1. Report leaking faucets, toilets and showers to Facilities Services.

2. Contact the Sustainability Office to request a sink aerator that limits the flow of handwashing sinks to 1 gallon per minute (gpm).

3. Shut off the water when lathering hands, brushing your teeth, shaving or scouring dishes.

4. Designate a cup or water bottle for drinking water. This cuts down on the number of glasses to wash.

5. Look at this list which has over 100 ways to conserve water.