OSU’s campus is renowned for its architectural harmony. This was a key goal of the 1909 Olmsted Brothers’ Plan and all subsequent Campus Plans. Per OSU’s Historic Preservation Plan (2010), “Olmsted had provided President William Jasper Kerr in 1909, a type-written sixty page report which described in detail the future development of the university’s campus. While the Olmsted firm did not provide any plans or drawings to accompany the report, a plan was drafted a year later in 1910 by landscape architecture professor Arthur Lee Peck. The drawing showed the creation of quadrangles and grouping of buildings. One important aspect of the plan was to develop architectural unity for the campus, which was primarily implemented by architect, John V. Bennes.” Buildings designed by Bennes between 1909 and 1925 and by A.D. Taylor between 1926 and 1944 basically implemented the Olmsted plan.

A significant portion of OSU’s campus was designated a National Historic District in 2008. As a result, all significant development within, and in some cases adjacent to the Historic District, is subject to a historic review process by the City of Corvallis. Development also remains subject to the standard regulations such as local planning and building code requirements and the requirements of OSU’s Campus Master Plan.