Thank you for helping OSU divert waste and meet its sustainability goals by collecting recyclable and compostable material at your event! Please submit this form at least two weeks in advance.

Fees (Auxiliaries Only)

Event recycling services are free to campus groups that are not auxiliaries and instead receive Education & General (E&G) funds.

As of July 1, 2015, auxiliaries are assessed the fees detailed below.

Don't know if you're an auxiliary enterprise? Auxiliary enterprises are financially self-sustaining units, which include student groups and many OSU departments that sell services or goods. If you don't know if your organization is an auxiliary, click here to see a list of OSU auxiliary enterprises and a more detailed definition. Fees for auxiliary enterprises are as follows:

  • $20 flat base fee plus $5 per waste container (recycling, compost and/or trash)
  • $20 per hour charge if there is contamination to be removed from waste containers

Fees are collected to cover the cost of labor, fuel and waste disposal. To keep costs low, customers are encouraged to minimize contamination through product selection, staffing, etc. Our staff are happy to provide advice on how to accomplish this. Additionally, if a group can demonstrate that they can safely transport bins on their own, it may be possible to waive the $20 base fee (other fees would remain the same).

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