This recruitment tool may be utilized by departments and hiring supervisors to request hourly student employment.  Required fields are marked with asterisks (*).

Per OSU policy, new student jobs must be posted competitively in the OSU Jobs Online Recruiting System for at least three days.  

FOBC HR will post student positions to the OSU Jobs Online Recruiting System on your behalf.  Following submission of this form, an FOBC HR team member will review your request, contact you with any questions, and prepare your position for posting.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO SUPERVISORS:  Per the OSU Criminal History Check (CHC)/Motor Vehicle History Check (MVC) Policy, all student positions will be reviewed by FOBC HR to determine whether a CHC or MVC is required.  If a CHC or MVC is required, FOBC HR will notify the hiring supervisor.  The appointee may not begin working until their CHC and/or MVC has been cleared by the Office of Human Resources.  

For questions regarding this form, or for questions regarding student employment, please contact FOBC Human Resources at

Please enter your email address if you would like to receive a copy of your submission for your records.
The supervisor of record should be the faculty member who will have the most knowledge and oversight of the work hours and day to day activities of the student employee hired for this position. Please note that only unclassified and academic wage employees can be assigned as the supervisor of record.
If used, the "For Full Consideration Date" is the date by which applications must be received in order for applicants to receive full consideration for the position.
As of December 15, 2014, new student jobs must be posted competitively in the OSU Jobs Online Recruiting System for at least three days.
How many students do you intend to hire from this posting?
Please select the Student Job Category that best describes the position. Descriptions of each Student Job Category can be found here. FOBC HR will confirm the Student Job Category when reviewing your position.
If desired, you may add a brief description to the Position Title. This will also allow applicants to utilize key words to search for your position.
(If left blank, will default to Corvallis, OR)
Please provide a brief summary of why the position exists.
Please describe the specific duties to be performed by this position. What is the student in this position doing, and how are they doing it? Please be clear about both the overall function and specifics of work performed. A breakdown by percentage may be helpful.
Please also include a description of the duty/duties that necessitate driving while on the clock in the Position Duties section of this form, located above.
If they are not exclusively driving a Motor Pool vehicle, the incumbent must provide a copy of their certified/official driving history for the past 36 months from the issuing state(s) Department of Motor Vehicles.
Please indicate the physical working conditions or work schedules for the position if they are outside of a typical office environment.
Please describe the physical working conditions or work schedules for the position.

Does this position have any of the security-sensitive access described below?  Please select all that apply.

Minimum qualifications should have a clear connection to the position duties. The Minimum Enrollment Requirements for student employment at OSU are automatically listed as a minimum qualification on every student posting.
Preferred qualifications should have a clear connection to the position duties.
The hourly rate/range of pay that you are planning on paying should fall within the approved pay range for the Student Job Category. See Student Job Categories and Pay Rates. PLEASE NOTE: The full pay range for the Student Job Category will be listed on the posting.
How many hours per week can a student employee expect to work in this position? Please note, student employees are limited to a maximum of 20 hours per week during academic terms.
Collecting applications online in the OSU Online Recruiting System is recommended. If you collect applications at the department level, the student employees selected will still have to complete a brief application in the system prior to hire, to enter their personal information into the system for their position setup. If you collect applications online from the beginning, it eliminates the need for this extra step later on in the hiring process.
Are there any questions that you would like all applicants to answer as part of the application process, for screening purposes? If used, posting specific questions should clearly relate to the duties and qualifications of the position. For example, you may want to include questions about number of credits and/or enrollment at a college or university other than OSU.