This Tool Box aggregates resources, links and practical information related to specific supervisor/manager HR topics and disciplines.


Position Description Development

Hiring Toolkit for Supervisors & Managers

OSU Employment Services

  • Search Excellence for Hiring Managers
  • Position Description Samples
  • Recruiting System User Guides
  • Hiring Restrictions for Students Under the Age of 18

Equal Opportunity and Access

  • Search Advocates
  • Hiring from Historically Underrepresented Groups
  • Waivers of Search

Criminal History Check

OSU Youth Program Policies & Guidelines

OSU Nepotism Policy

OSU Provost's Dual Career Hiring Initiative

Veterans' Preference Advisor

Sample Hiring Interview Questions (pdf)

Inappropriate Interview Questions (pdf)

Advertising Sources

Recruitment Advertising - Graystone

Recruitment Advertising Details - Graystone

Temporary Housing Options for Incoming Faculty & Staff

New Hire Orientation Toolkit for Supervisors & Mangers

Employee Benefits Toolkit for Supervisors & Managers

Compensation Toolkit for Managers & Supervisors

Payroll Toolkit for Managers & Supervisors

Employee Relations Toolkit for Managers & Supervisors

Performance Management

Safety Toolkit for Managers & Supervisors

Professional Development Toolkit for Managers & Supervisors