OSU and AABC Payroll Deadlines


Salaried Timesheets:

EmpCenter Submit by 5:00pm Approve by 5:00pm
January through December 2020 4th of the Month 6th of the Month


Hourly Staff/Pay Period of 16th-15th:

EmpCenter Submit by 12pm, Noon Approve by 12pm, Noon
January through December 2020 16th of the month

17th of the month

Unit Pay/Student Stipend Worksheets: Worksheet

IMPORTANT: Each Month please email aabc.payroll@oregonstate.edu by the due dates, below.   Please note that this request does not eliminate the need for the signed hard copy to be submitted to AABC Payroll (SEC, Suite 350).  It is imperative that ALL the information on the worksheet is accurate!

Unit pay Worksheet Submit via Email by 5:00pm Submit Signed hard copy by 5:00pm
January through December 2020 16th of the Month 17th of the Month


Payday is always the last working day of the month (Monday through Friday).  If payday falls on a weekend or holiday, pay will be issued on the last working day prior to the last day of the month. Paychecks and earning statements that are not picked up by the 15 of the month will be mailed to the current mailing address on file when they were printed (Payroll Manual 102-02 Department Delivery)

Month Day Month Day
January 01/31/2020, Friday July 07/31/2020, Friday
February 02/28/2020, Friday August 08/31/2020, Monday
March 03/31/2020, Tuesday September 09/30/2020, Wednesday
April 04/30/2020, Thursday October 10/30/2020, Friday
May 05/29/2020, Friday November 11/30/2020, Monday
June 06/30/2020, Tuesday December 12/31/2020, Thursday