Documents may be provided in a variety of formats (i.e. Acrobat PDF, MS Word, Text, etc), so you will need the appropriate application to load and view them.


Emergency Payroll Draws/Pay Advances:

An employee may request an emergency payroll draw at any time. An emergency situation is defined as an unusual and unforeseen event or condition that requires immediate financial attention by an employee. Only three draws are allowed in a rolling calendar year (one year from date of first draw), without special approval from the payroll office.


Direct Deposit 

Direct deposit is a safe, easy, and convenient way to receive payments from OSU. You have the option of establishing direct deposit for two payment categories; (1) Student Refunds / Employee Reimbursements and (2) Payroll. Once you enroll in direct deposit, applicable payments from OSU will be deposited using the information you provide. If you would like all OSU payments to be processed via 


W4 Form:

The IRS W4 form is completed so that your employer can deduct the right amount of federal and state income tax from your pay check. This amount is taken monthly and is based on the tax tables and your earnings.


W2 Forms and Information:

W-2s will not be available until late January.  They will be made available online at after they have been mailed.  The printable version is a valid copy to file with the state or IRS.

Duplicates can also be requested through Central Payroll in the Kerr Administration Building or by emailing with your request; but there may be a $10 fee.

Former employees who still have an active ONID account can still use MyOSU to access tax forms. Once the ONID account has been deactivated, there is no online method for a former employee to access tax forms. Note that paper W2 forms are mailed out towards the end of January.

W-2s are not available online for Non-Resident Aliens.  If you are an NRA, you can request a duplicate W-2 through Central Payroll at (541)-737-3232 or by emailing  Again, the first copy is free, but charges will apply for subsequent requests.


Labor Distribution:

The Labor Distribution Form is used to report changes to prior, current, or future distributions. You may distribute payroll charges based on a fixed percent, a dollar amount or number of hours.

  • The AABC does not require this form to be used. However, all the information needs to be provided in written form.


Mileage and Meal Allowance Worksheet:

  • On-Call Mileage and Meal Allowance Worksheet:  This worksheet allows you to report on-call hours and hours worked if you are called in. This form is also used for requesting mileage reimbursements for miles traveled when you were called in. Lastly, this worksheet can be used to claim allowances for meals missed due to being called in and working longer than scheduled or over a meal period.  Please see the instruction sheet for further details on eligibility and how to fill out the worksheet.

  • On-Call Mileage and Meal Allowance Worksheet Instructions:  Please read these instructions for information on who is eligible, how to request reimbursement, and details about mileage and meals.  


Classified Vacation Cash Out:

SEIU(Service Employees International Union)-represented classified employees may complete this form in December to request that up to 40 hours of vacation leave be cashed out.  After the cash out, you must have at least 80 hours of accrued leave remaining.