Location Telephone/Fax Email

Student Experience Center,

Suite 350

AABC Office Mainline



2251 SE Jefferson Way,

Corvallis OR 97331

AABC Office Fax



Specialty Contact for Classified & Unclassified Employees Contact for Student Employees Backup Manager
All Payroll/All Units


Fiscal Coordinator 1 

Celene Garcia Murillo

Fiscal Coordinator 1

Stephanie Pearse

Finance Coordinator 

Erica Dodson

Finance & Accounting Manager

Telephone 541-737-7770 541-737-4654 541-737-6353 541-737-6251
Email aabc.payroll@oregonstate.edu Celene.Garciamurillo@oregonstate.edu Stephanie.Pearse@oregonstate.edu Erica.Dodson@oregonstate.edu


AABC Human Resources

Located in the University Plaza Suite 150

Next to the OSU Soccer Fields on 15th and Western

OSU Central Payroll

Located in the Kerr Administration Building

Windows number 17 and 18

  • Central Payroll Mainline Telephone: 541-737-3232
  • Central Payroll Office Fax Line: 541-737-9490
  • Central Payroll Email address: paymaster@oregonstate.edu