Location Telephone/Fax Email

Student Experience Center,

Suite 350

AABC Office Mainline



2251 SE Jefferson Way,

Corvallis OR 97331

AABC Office Fax



Specialty Primary Contact   Manager
All Payroll/All Units

Meghan Tompkins

Payroll Coordinator


Erica Dodson

Finance & Accounting Manager

Telephone 541-737-2257   541-737-6251
Email Meghan.Tompkins@oregonstate.edu   Erica.Dodson@oregonstate.edu


AABC Human Resources

Located in the University Plaza Suite 150

Next to the OSU Soccer Fields on 15th and Western

  • AABC HR Office Mainline Telephone: 541-737-2915
  • AABC HR Office Fax Line: 541-713-6708
  • AABC HR Email address: aabc.hr@oregonstate.edu

OSU Central Payroll

Located in the Kerr Administration Building

Windows number 17 and 18

  • Central Payroll Mainline Telephone: 541-737-3232
  • Central Payroll Office Fax Line: 541-737-9490
  • Central Payroll Email address: paymaster@oregonstate.edu