Unit Pay/Student Stipend:

Unit Pay/Student Stipends, also known as piece work, is pay at a fixed rate for each unit produced or action performed regardless of the time taken, although time is sometimes considered in determining the piece rate.

There are several factors the AABC considers before determining if the work being done warrants being paid at a unit or piece rate.  Only those jobs identified through our office as Unit Pay/Student Stipend can and will be paid this way, all others are paid at an hourly rate.

Employees with jobs that are paid as Unit Pay will not be added to EmpCenter.  Therefore, they cannot use clock in/out feature.  Each month, follow the process below to submit total pay due for employees with Unit Pay/Student Stipend.

  1. Retrieve the Unit pay/Student stipend worksheet from the link above.
    The worksheet provides cells that can be used to track units completed through the pay period.  These cells are not required to be completed.
  2. Return the completed worksheet no later than 5pm the 16th of the month by emailing it as an attached Excel spreadsheet to aabc.payroll@oregonstate.edu
  3. Print and sign a hard copy version of the worksheet and send that original to the AABC payroll team in the Student Experience Center, suite 350.
    Although the worksheet is not due until the 16th of the month the AABC prefers to receive these as early as possible once the pay information can be completed.  Please feel free to email it to the AABC Payroll team as soon as you have all work completed and pay requested recorded.

Correcting Unit Pay/Student Stipend Pay Errors:

If you incorrectly pay an employee using the Unit Pay/Student Stipend process, the AABC Payroll team will need to be notified with the correct pay information in order to make the proper adjustment.  Follow the instructions below when submitting information for correcting Unit Pay amounts for over- and underpayment.

  1. The supervisor (or another identified staff member) retreives the unit pay/student stipend worksheet from the link above.
  2. Fill out all of the required fileds reflecting the full amount that the employee should be paid in the pay period.  Only list those who had a change to the pay amount due. 
    The AABC payroll team will determine the amount due or overpaid based on the total reported on the corrected worksheet.
  3. Email the spreadsheet to the AABC Payroll email address and follow it with a signed hard copy in campus mail.
  4. The AABC payroll team will request an additional check for the pay due or complete the overpayment form for central payroll to process collection of the overpaid amount.
    See the PDF version of the instructions for more detailed information regarding how additional pay will be issued if due to the employee.