Photo Name & Position Contact Information Responsibilities
Kestler, Virginia
Finance Coordinator
Office: 541-737-2204
Contact person by email

Primary Contact for: Printing and Mailing, Universtiy Facilities and Ingrastructure (excluding Transportation Services)

Secondary Contact for: Student Affairs

Lommers, Scott
Buyer 2
Office: 541-737-2010
Contact person by email
Nielsen, Betty
Finance & Accounting Manager
Office: 541-737-6631
Contact person by email
Panther, Silvia
Accounting Technician
Office: 541-737-1040
Contact person by email

Primary: Intercollegiate Athletics

Secondary: AABC, Dept. of Public Safety, Printing and Mailing, and UFIO (excluding Transportation Services).

Pugh, Beverly
Accounting Technician
Office: 541-737-4091
Contact person by email

Primary Entry Contact for: AABC, University Facilities, Infrastructure and Operations (UFIO) including Transportation Services, Department of Public Safety, Printing and MailingĀ and Student Affairs
Secondary Entry Contact for: University Conference Services, University... more