FIS Policy - Meals / Mileage

Yes. Food purchases for unit functions can be paid with university funds when there is a clear business purpose.

These miles are eligible for reimbursement.  Mileage should start from whichever location results in the shorter distance in accordance with IRS guidelines.

Banner Invoices

  1. a. Go to FOIDOCH-Document History form. This form allows you to see the status of many different kinds of documents such as invoices(INV), checks(CHK), and purchase orders(PO). For invoices, use INV for the document type.
    • C = complete, waiting to be approved
    • A = approved, waiting to be paid
    • P = paid or
    • X = cancelled Blank = the document is incomplete and is waiting for approval.
    • F = the vendor has deposited the check and it has been "reconciled" on the Controller's bank reconciliation statement.

b. In Self Service go to Transaction Document Lookup to see status of invoice.

The payment due date indicates what date it will be paid. The central accounts payable office processes a check run every Tuesday and Friday.  Checks are mailed out each of these days. 

  1. Go to the approval screen FOAUAPP-User Approval BANNER form and see who still needs to approve the document.
  2. Go to Self Service- Transaction Document Lookup screen to check what approvals are needed.

Disapproval messages will be found in the General Message form, GUAMESG. This screen can be checked at any time.

No. Text can be added at any time from the main menu by typing the form name FOATEXT-General Text Entry.

The Business Center Finance and Account Manager has access to FAAPAYC and can change the payment due date as long as it is equal to or greater than the invoice date.

Accounts Payable - Checks

The Accounts Payable office processes Checks/ACH payments on Tuesdays and Fridays in the morning.

Go to FOIDOCH-Document History form in Banner. Use CHK for document type. "F" after check number = final payment. Reconciliation is complete and the check has been cashed.

Use "CTA" in the invoice field and change the Document indicators from "M" to "1" and scan a copy with “CTA” document indicator.

a. Use "PU" and a phone extension in the invoice field.Change the Document indicators from "M" to "1" and override the direct deposit.

b. The person assigned to the phone extension used in the invoice reference field will be contacted by Accounts Payable when the check is available to pick up.

Accounts Payable - General

a. 20190 Testing Group Incentives should be used when the person performs services such as completing a survey.

b. 25140 Research Subjects is in the “medical” section.Examples for use of this account code are when the person is giving blood or spending time as a research subject (such as bone density research).

c. See FIS Policy Miscellaneous Cost #03-140-513 (Formerly FIS 410-23 Testing Incentives)

a. Payment of an Honorarium should be initiated on an OSU payment request form.  You should never pay an honorarium off of a vendor invoice.  Proper documentation should be included with the request form so that it is clear who, what, when, and why we are giving the recipient an honorarium. 

b. If a vendor invoice is provided, the payment most likely is NOT an honorarium and more likely to be a payment for services or some form of an exchange transaction.

c. FIS Rule 03-140-510 Services

a. Yes – They can claim an overtime meal because they worked two hours beyond their normal work shift. Note it is a taxable reimbursement and should be coded to 28502 – Overtime meal allowance.

b. See FIS Policy Non-Travel Meals # 03-140-505


There are several advantages to using the contracted travel agencies

  • Charges are made directly to the department so that the employee does not incur out-of-pocket expenses when they book airline tickets.
  • There are several contracted airfare discounts in place for use by our travelers only available through the contracted travel agencies.

a. Yes – With the rental, it is suggested to purchase limited collision damage waiver (CDW), also known as loss damage waiver (LDW) and the liability insurance supplement (LIS), also known as supplemental liability insurance (SLI). The traveler will be reimbursed for these expenses.However, personal accident insurance (PAI) should be declined and is not a reimbursable expense.

b. See FIS Policy Travel – Ground Transportation 03-140-403


Procurement Cards

No. The balance on your card automatically clears on the 25th of the month (or the first working day after) at midnight

Use of a departmental purchasing card is prohibited for travel costs with the exception of employee lodging.

a. Yes – As long as it complies with the policy sub-section “Hosting Groups”.

b. See FIS Policy Social Events # 03-140-506

Vendor Maintenance

a. Users can search Banner form FWITXID by tax identification number, vendor name or Banner identification number.

b. Users can search for vendor/suppliers in BennyBuy by clicking on the Suppliers in the left-hand column, Manage Suppliers, and then Search for a Supplier. Users can search by supplier name or Banner identification number.

Search FTMVEND for the address and if not in the system then send Vendor Maintenance an inquiry or have the vendor log in and update their address.

Everyone with BennyBuy access can invite a new vendor/supplier. Please see the tip sheet for instructions on how to invite a supplier. Vendors/Suppliers must register before a payment can be created in BennyBuy or Banner.