Joint PFLA/AOP Networking Event - Tour the OSU Cheese Facility

We met at Withycombe Hall at for a lecture by Lisbeth Goddik, creator of the Beaver Classic™ Cheese, which was followed by a tour of the OSU Cheese Facility. OSU Catering provided appetizers made with the artisan cheese and there was selection of wine and soft drings available. The OSU Beaver Classic™ Cheese was very tasty. Each large round wheel is valued at about $240 and is cut into 24 wedges which are then sold at all home OSU football games, Fridays from 11 am to 1 pm in Withycombe 159, and through their online store.


Aop and PFLA tasting OSU Artisan Cheese

A honey bee visits an almond blossom.

2014 Welcome Back Tour!

On August 21st at noon, we took a tour of the OSU Apiary. Mike Burgett showed us several different styles of bee homes. Carolyn Breece told us about the different types of research that is currently being conducted by OSU and demonstrated how they extract honey from the bee hives. We also got to sample several different flavors of honey. Yum

If you're interested in learning how to become a bee keeper, you can visit the Oregon Master Bee Keepers website.