Association of Office Professionals

2015 Boss of the Year Award

The Oregon State University Association of Office Professionals was formed to foster awareness, excellence, and professionalism in the ranks of office personnel. This award recognizes creative approaches and consistently superior performance as a supervisor.


Who is eligible?

A nominee must be actively employed in a supervisory capacity at any level. Nominees do no need to be an AOP member, but s/he must be an employee of Oregon State University. Excluded from consideration for this recognition are members of the AOP Awards and Recognition Committee.


How to nominate?

To nominate a supervisor for this award, a complete submitted packet must be received either electronically or in person by Friday, April 25, 2015 at 5 p.m. to:

Laurie Wyant
AOP Awards and Nominations committee
213 Gilkey Hall


What is a complete nomination packet?

The complete packet shall include a nomination form and two letters of support.

There are two ways to submit your nominations:

  • Online Boss of the Year Nomination Form - Click on the link, and submit form. You will need to email or send hard copies by campus mail the two (2) letters of support to Laurie Wyant at the address above.
  • Boss of the Year Nomination Document - Complete form and email (or send hard copies through campus mail) of the nomination form as well as the two (2) letters of support to Laurie Wyant at the address above.

Each letter of support shall not exceed two pages in length with 1” margins, minimum 12 point font. Letters should include examples of professionalism and service to the department, Oregon State University, and the community, and if applicable, their involvement in AOP. One of the two letters should be from office support personnel.