The Oregon Flora Project

How it was born, what it does, and who does it.

Presented by: Linda Hardison

Linda Hardison grew up in Texas, and received undergraduate degrees at the University of Texas at Austin. She moved to the Pacific Northwest to attend graduate school at the University of Washington, and received her Ph.D. in botany there in 1995. In 1996 she made Corvallis her home and began a post-doctoral position in the Botany & Plant Pathology Dept. at OSU. Linda has been director of the Oregon Flora Project since 2005.

The Oregon Flora Project is an effort to produce a comprehensive resource about the ~4,500 vascular plants that grow in Oregon without cultivation. Information is shared through their website,, and includes interactive mapping, a photo gallery, rare plant fact sheets, plant classification details, and the Oregon Flora Newsletter.  The overarching goal of the Project is the publication of a new Flora, or plant identification manual; it will be the first such statewide reference  in over 50 years.

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