DFA Award Nominations Deadline Extended! Submit a Nomination by 5PM on December 6, 2023

The DFA Innovator Award acknowledges a DFA employee that demonstrates an outstanding ability to explore creative, flexible and innovative solutions to work issues and problems. Their innovative solutions should include work towards advancement of the DFA Strategic Priorities. This DFA employee should consistently develop and implement creative problem-solving approaches to deliver excellent service to both internal and external customers. A successful nomination packet for the DFA Innovator Award should include examples of how the nominee meets the majority of the following criteria. The DFA Innovator Award nomination must be for work completed between December 2022 and December 2023.

The DFA Innovator Award recipient regularly exhibits characteristics such as:

  • Creates a culture of continuous process improvement and a framework for assessing processes.
  • Gives attention to outcomes and efficient use of resources while seeking ways to improve systems and enhance DFA operations.
  • Ensures engagement with process experts, stakeholders, and customers who are impacted by the enhancements/project outcomes.
  • Appropriately assesses and mitigates risk in balance with innovation.

This is an individual award that totals $300.

Questions regarding the nomination survey and the evaluation process can be directed to Andrea.McDaniel@oregonstate.edu.

Click here to see the full nomination form so that you can prepare your responses before beginning the nomination. The deadline to nominate a DFA colleague for this award is December 6, 2023 and must be submitted by 5PM via this link.