DFA Award Nominations Are Now Open! Submit a Nomination by December 5, 2023

The DFA Social Responsibility Award acknowledges a DFA employee that exemplifies the university's core values of accountability, diversity, integrity, respect for others, and social responsibility. A successful nomination packet for the DFA Social Responsibility should include examples of how the nominee meets the majority of the following criteria. Nominations must be to acknowledge work completed between December 2022 and December 2023.

The DFA Social Responsibility recipient regularly exhibits characteristics such as:

  • Promotes the enhancement of diversity, seeking to reduce unintentional bias in processes, and actively welcoming various perspectives. 
  • Promotes and supports respectful relationships among colleagues and members of the OSU community by valuing diverse perspectives. 
  • Actively contributes to the advancement of the DFA core values. 
  • Works to reduce structural and/or systemic barriers to access and the success of members of the OSU community. 
  • Actively works to create and foster a feeling of belonging among team members, with students, and within the broader OSU community.
Award: Individual award of $300
Questions regarding the nomination survey and the evaluation process can be directed to Andrea.McDaniel@oregonstate.edu.
Click here to see the full nomination form so that you can prepare your responses before beginning the nomination. The deadline to nominate a DFA colleague for this award is December 5, 2023 and must be submitted via this link.