DFA Award Nominations Due by July 9, 2021

Outstanding ability for a group of individuals to work collaboratively to complete a task, goal or project. This can be within a unit or across units that are not in the same department. The group incorporates DFA guiding principles in their work and considers the impact of any process changes on affected units and the broader OSU community. The qualities of a successful collaboration may include:

  • Engaging in clear and transparent communication about the project with subject experts, stakeholders, and customers.
  • Utilizing structured and inclusive decision-making methods.
  • Promoting and supporting respectful relationships among team members by valuing diverse perspectives.
  • Balancing process consistency with the flexibility necessary to support the goals of the university community.
  • Actively participating in collaborative problem solving and working together to overcome obstacles.

A team will be composed of a minimum of two individuals, as this is not an individual award. Maximum cash award of $100 per recipient with a maximum total award for the team of $500.

Nominate for Teamwork/Collaboration Award