Financial Reporting

Financial Reports

It's easy for Principal Investigators and Administrators to check the balances in their funds with these two financial reports from the OSU Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning.  Faculty can use the Single Index Report to view activity and balances in their personal development funds.

PaCs Essentials


  • The PaCS Essentials is a handy reference webpage to successful contracting, procurement and construction contracting at OSU. This guide covers a little bit of everything from construction projects to personal services contracts to issuing a formal procurement Invitation to Bid. Go to the BuyORANGE section to find which vendors have a purchasing contract with OSU. This guide is also available in a booklet form. Just contact PaCS at to request a hard copy.

OSU Personal and Professional Services Forms  
 A quick scroll down the PACS page will bring you to the forms for PSI's and PSC's, with definitions and instructions, as well as other PACS forms.

Policies & Procedures

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