Welcome to Oregon State University!  Classified employees play a vital role in the success of all faculty, staff and students on campus.  Covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, classified employees are afforded the opportunities to excel in their chosen fields.  This webpage provides links to information and resources to those opportunities.


Life as an OSU
Classified Employee

Leaving Classified
Employment at OSU


Employment Opportunites

Applying for a classified position

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Updating your Employment Profile


Life as an OSU Classified Employee


Benefits Summary


Classified Benefits


Employee Assistance Program

Employee Benefits

Employee Relations, Classification & Compensation

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's)

PEBB (Public Employees Benefit Board)

Staff Fee Privileges (tuition discount)

Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan


Campus Life

Accident Reporting

Computer Help

Central Web Services (CWS)

Employee & Labor Relations

Employment Verifications

Environmental Health & Safety

Health and Wellness Services

ID Center

Life Balance at OSU

New Employee Information

New Employee Orientation Sessions

Office of Human Resources

ONID (OSU Network Identification) access to e-mail account, on-campus computers, personal web pages and file storage

OSU Websites

Parking Services

Records Requests

Veterans Resources

Youth Program Policies & Guidelines




Risk Management

Safety on Campus

Sporting Events & Staff Season Tickets

Worker's Comp

Compensation & Contract


Payroll - BEBC Payroll

Payroll - Central Payroll

Union Contacts

Union Contract: SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement


Leave & Holidays

FMLA/OFLA Resources


Leave Accrual & Use of Leave Time

Leave Administration Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines


Leaving Classified Employment at OSU

Resigning From OSU

Employee Assistance Program

Employment Office

Paycheck - Your Final Pay

TAPS (cancel your parking permit for potential partial refund)

Termination Checklist



Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan (OPSRP) Member's Handbook

Planning for your Retirement

Your Benefits Upon Termination