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The Position Description and You

Completing a Position Analysis & Writing a Position Description

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OSU Youth Program Policies & Guidelines

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Sample Hiring Interview Questions (pdf)

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Recruitment Advertising - Graystone

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Temporary Housing Options for Incoming Faculty & Staff

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Core Training for those with Managerial/Supervisory Responsibilities


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Employee Benefits

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Military Leave and Military Family Leave (USERRA)

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State of Oregon Wage & Hour Laws

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Fair Labor Standards Act Time Reporting and Overtime Compensation Guidelines for Classified Employees (pdf)

Fair Labor Standards Act Time Reporting and Overtime Compensation Guidelines for Unclassified Employees (pdf)

Award Pay/Employee Recognition: OSU Policy

Award Pay: OUS Policy

Overload Pay

Stipend Pay

Payroll Toolkit for Managers & Supervisors

Central Payroll Policy & Procedures Manual

Central Payroll Services

BEBC Payroll

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Employee Relations/Center for HR Solutions

Developing an Accessible Workplace

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Performance Evaluation for Classified Staff (Evals)

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Cyber Security at OSU

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